Dhaya (film)

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Directed by Senthil Kumar
Produced by Prakash Raj
Starring Prakash Raj
Ramesh Khanna
Music by Bharadwaj
Duet movies
Release dates February 14, 2002
Language Tamil

Dhaya is a 2002 Tamil-language Indian feature film directed by Senthil Kumar and produced by Prakash Raj himself, starring Prakash Raj, Meena, Lakshmi and Raghuvaran.


Dhaya is the story of a rowdy who hires his services to the highest bidder. Who in the midst of indulging in arson, murder, and poisoning an entire ashram of orphans, also gets to do the song and dance routine.


As the name of the movie indicates, it sends a message- a strong one - that Mercy(Daya) is the most potent weapon. In a very oxymoron way, the name of the protagonist as well as the antagonist is Daya - Prakash Raj. He has performed his role as meticulously as possible (with his usual gibes). Anybody showing mercy to this character regrets in the film - like Thulasi(Meena)who is a science teacher wanting to transform this brute into a human being-but she is deceived when she almost believes that he has transformed. Lakshmi-Mother is the very embodiment of mercy(head of the institution -Ashram) who can be merciful even to enemies and sinners.Like all stories - this has intriguing flashback where we learn that Lakshmi’s husband Raghuvaran -a Major fails in his duty. He is guilty of child abuse(he rapes an innocent child), Lakshmi, though his wife gives witness in the court against him which earns him seven years of imprisonment. He takes revenge on her using Daya (Prakash Raj). He pretends as a pious person to Mother and when Mother is deceived, she forgives him.

What struck me was the way the power of the mercy was shown. Mercy which becomes intolerable to the person granted. Prakash Raj (Daya) burning his own self(a thought which makes Daya feel l -every burning body is himself) is very moving. He burns it and Cries -but he is very much alive - symbolically it shows his transformation into a new being.



  • Simran has performed an item mumber.