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Dheeraj Sharma is a marketing professor and writer. He has taught at numerous educational institutions including University of North Texas, Louisiana Tech University, University of Winnipeg, Ball State University and Athabasca University.


Sharma has a doctoral degree with a major in marketing and a double minor in psychology and quantitative analysis from Louisiana Tech University. His primary research interests are Workforce motivation, behavioral channel theory, international marketing strategy, personal selling, and ethics. As a student, Dr. Sharma was Robert B. Toulouse Doctoral Fellow and Graduate School Doctoral Fellow.[1] He is a member of who's who of American professionals.[2]


Sharma is past Associate Editor of the Journal of Marketing Channels[citation needed]. He is past editor of the Academy of Marketing Science proceedings and the Academy of Marketing Science Cultural Perspectives[3] Sharma has over 50 articles published in reputable journals and conference proceedings.[citation needed] He is an active member of the Academy of Marketing Science, American Marketing Association, and National Conference of Sales Management[citation needed].

He is a keynote speaker on sales force motivation, ethics, and international business in North America, Europe, and Asia.[4][5][6]


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