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Town and union council
Country Pakistan
Province Khyber Pakhtunkhwa
District Mardan District
Time zone PST (UTC+5)

Dheri is name of a village in tehsil Katlang, District Mardan.[citation needed] It is a pashto word which means small mound of soil. Dheri is union council of district mardan and usually called as " Dheri-Likpani".

Dheri Union council is a stronghold of PTI (Pakistan Thereek-e-insaaf) JUI(F), ANP and QWP. It consists of the following villages: Zareef Khan Dheri, Madad Khan Bandda, Mohalla Daavikhel, Cheel, Charchur, Lekpanray, Kotkay, Jhangi-deer etc.

The Chiefs of Dheri village were Madad Khan of Katlang and Kamal Shah Daavi.[citation needed]

There are Five main Pashtun tribes living in Dheri.[citation needed]

  1. Gharghasht
  2. Dalazak
  3. Wardag
  4. Kakakhel
  5. Badrashi

Ghurghusht tribe is further divided into Kakar, Daavi ( also called Daavi Khel), Jalal Khel and Cheenawal.[citation needed]

The population of Ghurghusht tribe is more than Dalazak and Wardag tribes. Wardak and Badrashi tribes mainly lives in Lekpani village.

There are other tribes too living in Dheri union council namely Sahibzadgan, Miangan, Tarkan, Sayydan, Lowaran and Kasab Ghar.

The prominent figures of Dheri-Lekpani union Council:[citation needed]

  1. Principal Qazi Aslam Khan Daavi ex-candidate of Tehreek-e-tahafuz-e-pakistan NA-10 and social worker.
  2. Chairman Sarwar Shah Khan Daavi (ex-president PPPP PF-28).
  3. Advocate Riaz Khan Daavi.Chairperson " Life For All Society " and famous social worker who installed forty deep-water hand pumps in the union council.
  4. Jamal Khan Haji saib (brother of Late MPA Iqbal khan).
  5. Ghulam Faqir haji Saib.
  6. Nasim khan Haji.
  7. Fayaz Ali Shah (Assistant Commissioner Mardan).
  8. Muntazir Khan (PML(N))
  9. Rahim Khan Bacha Charchur.
  10. Ummat Shah Daavikhel
  11. Sher Ali Bacha.
  12. Zameer Shah Daavikhel Cheel Dheri

The prominent figures of Likpani:[citation needed]

  1. Jahanzib Ex-Nazzim.
  2. Eng. Sharif Ahmad

The prominent figures of Charchur:[citation needed]

  1. Rahim Khan Bacha ex-MPA.
  2. Karim Khan Bacha ex. principal.
  3. Khurshid Ali Bacha (public prosecutor)
  4. Sher Ali Ex. Principal


Baghicha Dheri (Mardan)[edit]

Kakakhel (tribe) inhabitants of Mardan District mainly belong to the village of "Baghicha Dheri" (meaning fruit bearing hill), previously known as Surkh Dheri (meaning red rock). Except for the family of late Mian abidulhaq his brother Mian Wajid Ulhaq,cousins ( Mian Fazle Hanan,Mian Fazle Rehman) who inherited huge land holdings from his ancestors, There is limited land ownership in Baghicha Dehri among some of the notables mentioned here but there are those among the Kakakhels that own quite a bit of land over here in Baghicha Dehri as well as own land and entire villages in other nearby locations, such are the names of Mian Fazle Hanan who has already been mentioned above and the other is Major retd. Mian Faqir Ahmad who's name has not been mentioned above erroneously. For he is the patriarch of the families of Baghicha Dheri. The aforementioned now owns very little land in Baghicha Dheri and most of his land is now placed in Fazal-e-abad while the latter still owns prominent land in Baghicha Dheri as well as being the land Lord of an entire other village known as Choora. After the demise of Major retd. Mian Faqir Ahmad the village of Choora has been divided among his two remaining sons Mian Javaid Ahmad Kakakhel (eldest) and Mian Shahid Ahmad (second youngest).

Baghicha Dheri was a.k.a Chota Valiyat (meaning small United Kingdom)that's how modern and open minded the elders of the village were and one elder in particular (Major retd. Mian Faqir Ahmad) who donated land for the making of a school, mosque and also erected a water tank for the supply of water all for further betterment of the people of his village (are just a few things among many he managed to achieve during his lifetime). Brought up by their elders who continuously invested in education, this branch of the Kakakhels from Baghicha Dheri have excelled in the government and private sectors. This village has produced a number of notable high ranking Pakistan Army Officers. This small village had the first high school in Mardan after Peshawar. It was called burhaniya high school. Much of the elite of the Mardan including Nawab Akbar Khan Hoti went to this school. The first IGP of Khyber the famous AB Awan also went to this small school. It produced men of learning in British era and can be judged from the fact that at time of partition in 1947, Pakistan had only three pukhtoon generals, and out of these three two came from this small village.

A police officer from this village rose to the rank of SP, and was awarded the Kings police Medal in 1913. His name was Mian Unwanuddin. He was grandfather of famous landlord and industrialist Mian Abidulhaq.The second King police medal was Awarded to DSP Mian Tajuddinand after retirement He constructed an artistic house with true Islamic architecture and people from so far visit to see it.

Few famous names from this village of recent past are: Major retd. (Mian Faqir Ahmad) (after his demise there has been no further development or progress in Dheri). ( MajGen.Mian Khateeb Uddin, MajGen.Jillani Mian, MajGen.Mian Hayaud Din, MajGen.Mian Badar Uddin, Brig.Mian Taskin Uddin,Brig Mian Hameed Uddin. Police Officers SP, Mian Shoiab Uddin CID police late' Mian Mohib Uddin working in Regional passport office, Mian Sakeen Uddin, D.I.G Dr. Mazhar Ulhaq, S.P Mian Bacha), Ambassadors (Mian Zia Uddin of Dheri was the 1st Ambassador of Pakistan for Germany).

Advocates (Mian Amin Uddin never lost any case in his career), Barristers (Mian Moeen Uddin), Senior Bureaucrats, District Officers (Mian Jameel Uddin was Ex District Officer for Education of Peshawar including Chitral and Charsadda. In his time the education system of Peshawar was very much improved), CEOs and Directors of world class corporations and agencies.

Many of the Kakakhel's sold their entire ancestral home including lands have now settled in different parts of Pakistan, some moved abroad, while some others lingered on till their demise. While a few still have their ancestral homes and lands their which they visit frequently from their city homes, some not so often.

DIG Dr Mazhar Ulhaq Kakakhel, is the proud recipient of United Nations Peace medal, and President of Pakistan police medal for valour. He has done many positive things for the uplift of the village and the community. He is now posted as consular in Jeddah.

This branch of the Kakahels have rich military and civil service traditions running in the families, however for the past few decades it is witnessing decline due to prevalence of drugs in youth, and lack of education, which was the main reason of their respect, and rise. Moreover they were propelled by the high quality of men and women they produced through high quality of Islamic and wordly education. Along with the prevalence of western education which has been an integral part of the Miangaans of Baghicha Dheri since very early on. The elders of this village most of whom have passed on in particular the patriarch Maj rtd. Mian Faqir Ahmad is the reason why there might be a slight decline and no new development or progression is occurring in Baghicha Dheri now as compared to earlier times.

Among the other families [who are not Kakakhels] are jadoons,Adab Gar, Akokhel, Behzadkhel, Utmanzai, Dalazak and Akhunzadgan (Molvi Sahiban)'s family of baghicha dheri. Most of them came and settled in this village soon after mian burhan ud din and his family (forefathers of kakakhel miangaan of baghicha dheri) settling here.These other families also produced some famous personalities like commissioner Adil khan, Fida ullah sehrai (ex director Peshawar museum).

One of the leading persons in Adab ghar is Maqbool Ahmad, a great business man of the village.[citation needed]

Zia Ullah Sehrai( Associate professor in ICP), DRO Khalid Zaman, Lecturer Manzoor Ahmad, Lt. col Alamgir Khan, (Engr. Shabir) and many more.

Also some others families proud of baghicha dheri are DILZAK tribe, Akokhel, Utmanzai, behzad khel are also lived in this village.[citation needed]