Dhule Riots

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The Dhule Riots were riots between the Hindu and Muslim community that took place in October 2008 in Dhule, Maharashtra.

There were riots again in January 2013. According to the police the riot started as the result of a row over an unpaid restaurant bill Special Inspector General at the time, Deven Bharti, confirmed after the incidents that the riots had started over an unpaid bill, escalated into multiple clashes that injured 175 people and left seven people dead, all from the minority community.[citation needed]

As per the CIVIL SOCIETY’S FACT FINDING REPORT released in Delhi on 18th January 2013 states that violence could have been prevented, had the police acted in time. While stone pelting was done by members of both the communities, the police action was selective and directed against Muslims only.The police did not follow the prescribed protocol to control the mob. Police firing was excessive and was done with an intent to kill.Officials imposed a curfew during the incidents.

On December 2013 The Supreme Court of India admitted a petition filed by one of the victims of police firing demanding a CBI probe into the unlawful killings, prosecution of the guilty police officers involved as also Stringent Operation Procedures for Recruitment to ensure the independent and non-partisan functioning of the police force.


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