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Diagramming software is software that is used to model, represent and visualise information. Among other uses, such diagrams are often used in software and technical development and business to represent dataflows, workflows, software architecture and organizational charts.

Unified Modeling Language (UML) diagram[edit]

For UML diagrams, see List of Unified Modeling Language tools


The following applications allow you to create flowcharts (sometimes among other diagram types). In addition, many tools in the List of UML tools can draw activity diagrams, which are a type of flowchart.

Name Platform License
ARIS Express Microsoft Windows Freeware
Calligra Flow (formerly Kivio) Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, Linux GPL (open source)
ConceptDraw PRO Microsoft Windows, OS X Proprietary
Creately Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, web-based Proprietary
Dia Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, Linux GPL (open source)
Edraw Max Microsoft Windows Proprietary
Google Drawings Web-based
Inkscape Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, Linux GPL (open source)
Inspiration Microsoft Windows, Mac OS Proprietary
LibreOffice Draw Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, Linux LGPL (open source)
LucidChart Web-based
Microsoft Visio Microsoft Windows Proprietary
OmniGraffle Mac OS X Proprietary
OpenOffice.org Draw Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, Linux Apache (open source)
SmartDraw Microsoft Windows Proprietary
Signavio Web-based
Software Ideas Modeler Microsoft Windows freeware, Proprietary
StarOffice Draw Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, Linux Proprietary
yEd Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, Linux freeware

Concept mapping/Mind mapping[edit]

Concept mapping and mind mapping are a subset of diagramming software aimed to represent collections of ideas.

Online diagramming[edit]

Online diagramming is a way to create flow charts and business diagrams without having to download and install any software. The diagram will be created completely online and is then exported as an image or pdf file.

Online Drawing tools[edit]

  • Creately - Online Diagramming & Design. Flash-based.
  • LucidChart - Online Flow Chart & Diagram Software. HTML5-based, drag & drop, with free accounts.
  • ProcessOn - Free online diagramming application. Flash-based. BPMN 2.0 designer.
  • SpicyNodes - Radial tree visualizer with a drag-and-drop hierarchical tree editor, which generates interactive, radial tree diagrams.

Further reading[edit]

  • Bounford, Trevor (2000). Digital diagrams. New York: Watson-Guptill Publications. ISBN 978-0-8230-1572-6. 

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