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Dialog Television (Pvt) Ltd
Industry Pay TV
Founded Colombo, Sri Lanka (2005 (2005) as CBNsat)
Headquarters Union Place, Colombo 02,
Sri Lanka
Area served
Sri Lanka and north to Nepal
Products Direct broadcast satellite
Parent Dialog Axiata PLC
Subsidiaries Dialog Television Trading (Pvt) Ltd (100%)
Website www.dialog.lk/tv

Dialog TV (DTV) is a direct broadcast satellite pay TV service provider based in Sri Lanka. A fully owned subsidiary of Dialog Axiata PLC, Dialog TV was launched in July 2005 under the name "CBNsat". It was later renamed Dialog TV in February 2007 after the company was acquired by Dialog Axiata PLC.

Dialog TV currently has over 250,000 subscribers. Its main competitors in the pay TV market in Sri Lanka are Lanka Broadband Networks (LBN) providing cable television services in analog and DVB-C in selected areas in Sri Lanka and PEO TV, which is an IPTV platform operated by Sri Lanka Telecom PLC.

Dialog TV has coverage over the entirety of Sri Lanka and to Nepal and neighboring countries through the Intelsat-12 satellite (45.0 E).


Dialog TV is a provider of SDTV, HDTV and PVR in Sri Lanka.Dialog TV recently Launch A PVR service Which allow customer's to record TV Programes on selected TV channels and also gives the ability to pause' Rewind and fast forward Live TV the product is currently marketed as "Dialog TV PVR" the service is used by connecting a USB Stick or External hard disk via a USB cable to a USB port of the back of the Receiver and by calling the Dialog TV Customer technical support hotline (Activation Fees of Rs 250 on top of the monthly subscription apply)


1 Rupavahini
2 Channel Eye
4 Vasantham TV
5 TV Derana
6 Swarnavahini
7 Sirasa TV
8 Shakthi TV
9 MTV Sports
10 Hiru TV
11 TNL
12 CSN
13 Ada Derana
14 Ridee TV
15 Revision TV
16 Nenasa 11
17 Nenasa 10
18 Buddhist TV
19 Shraddha TV
20 Peace TV
21 God TV / EWTN
22 Al Jazeera
23 Australia Plus
24 BBC World
25 CNN
26 CCTV News
28 NHK World
29 Russia Today
30 Bloomberg TV
31 MTV India
32 VH1
33 Channel C
34 Sun Music
35 Discovery Kids
37 Cartoon Network
38 Toonami
39 Nickelodeon
40 Baby TV
41 Sony SET
42 Set MAX
43 Colors
44 Star Plus
45 Zee TV
46 Cine Thirai TV
47 Sun TV
48 KTV
49 Star Vijay
50 Kalaignar TV
51 Eurosport
52 Neo Sports
53 Ten Sports
54 Ten Action
55 Ten Cricket
56 Star Sports 1
57 Star Sports 2
58 Star Sports 4
60 Star Movies
61 HBO
62 HBO Signature
63 HBO Hits
64 HBO Family
65 Cinemax
66 Zee Studio
67 CiTiHitz
68 National Geographic Channel
69 NAT Geo People
70 Animal Planet
71 Fox Life
72 Discovery Channel
73 Discovery Science
74 TLC
75 NDTV Good Times
76 Zee Cafe
77 Star World
78 Warner TV
79 AXN
80 Universal
81 DIVA Universal
82 Fox Crime
84 Comedy Central
85 Fashion TV
86 E!
87 Discovery Turbo
88 History TV18
89 Setanta Sports
90 Star Sports HD 2
92 Star Movies HD
93 Discovery HD
94 Nat Geo HD



Most people criticize the service saying that it is not that good when compared to PVR services provided by other Pay TV providers in other countries like Sky (UK and Ireland)'s Sky+HD Box as you can't use the Trick play and recording functions on all TV channels which are subjected to change without prior notice as always.

Development and Expansion[edit]

Dialog TV expresses its hopes to soon expand their digital network to other neighboring countries.

Dialog TV signed an agreement with ESPN and Star Sports on 7 March 2006, and launched the channels on 24 March 2006. The Zee package (Zee TV, Zee Cafe, Zee Cinema, Zee Trendz, Zee Sports, Zee Muzic, Zee Studio) was launched in January. Al Jazeera English was launched on 19 April 2007, replacing the SET channel.

In March 2007, Dialog TV won exclusive rights to broadcast the Cricket World Cup 2007 in Sri Lanka.[1]

Dialog TV's third transponder was launched in late April 2007. The third transponder is now available on Dialog TV for all subscribers, and all except one of the new channels are launched. The STAR package was launched on August 3, 2007. STAR Cricket was added on August 7, 2007.

A software upgrade was tested on 8 June, although it only updated to the June 1, 2006 software, which is included on all decoders sold from January 2007. The 2007 July update was made available on July 18, 2007. This update changed all logos and names on the software to "Dialog TV" from the previous "CBNsat". The software was automatically installed to decoders at 3.00 pm on July 18, 2007, and at 6.00 pm and 9.00 pm on the same day for those who missed the previous updates. If all automatic updates were missed, it is possible to update the software using the IRD Upgrade menu option on the decoder.

By mid 2012, Dialog TV had introduced South India's pioneering Tamil channels,namely Sun TV, KTV and Sun Music with rates LKR 290 per month.

Dialog Per Day TV[edit]

The Dialog Per Day TV is a service introduced by Dialog Television to satisfy the needs of the general public.The rates extend from LKR 3-10 per day. The minimum channel bouquet is over 35 channels. [2]

Dialog TV HD[edit]

After five years of private high definition television test transmission broadcasting, on 2012 June 17, Dialog TV officially Launched its HDTV service which is Sri Lanka's first commercial pay TV HD service. Currently there are five HD channels.

[3] The HD Pack costs Rs 990 a month and customers must first purchase an HD-PVR capable set-top box which costs Rs 2,990. As a complement, the following four SD channels are offered as "Bonus Channels".

Prior to the HDTV launch, the fourth transponder was activated in order to facilitate the HDTV service.


CBNsat and NTT[edit]

On June 6, 2006, the Sri Lanka Police's Criminal Investigation Department raided the CBNsat broadcast premises and ordered to shut down the service. CBNsat was accused of not possessing the correct DTH broadcasting license and broadcasting the NTT channel (of the LTTE) on their service. CBNsat was also blamed for broadcasting possibly illegal adult content on Fashion TV.

The Media Ministry took over the case when the CID dropped their charges in late 2006. It was not possible to show evidence of CBNsat broadcasting the NTT channel as it blocked Free To Air channels form the customer decoders and NTT was a Free To Air channel.

The Media Ministry could not prove any of the allegations and was finally forced to provide the necessary license to CBNsat. Meanwhile, CBNsat was financially crippled and was acquired by Dialog Telekom in December 2006. The service was finally relaunched in February 2007.

As a result of the closure, a few subscribers gathered together to form CBNsat Subscribers Unite. The subscribers worked hard to bring CBNsat out of trouble during the closure, and ultimately caused the government to give up their vested interests.

Blocking Local Channels[edit]

On November 22, 2014, there were disruptions to Sirasa TV, Shakthi TV and MTV Sports telecasts of an important political programme on Dialog TV.[4] Occurring at a time when a presidential election had been announced by the Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksa a few days earlier, this was widely criticized as an attempt at depriving the right of communicating the views of his rival Maithripala Sirisena to the public through the free media.[5]

Dialog TV is also accused for blocking local channels when important sports programs are being broadcast. Subscribers are then given the opportunity to subscribe for another paid channel to watch them.

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