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A Diamant from 1960
A modern Norwegian bicycle having the same name
A modern Norwegian child's bicycle having the same name

Diamant is a bicycle brand name used by two separate companies, one in Germany and one in Norway.

In Germany[edit]

The German Diamant is based in Chemnitz, Germany and originally manufactured by Elite-Diamantwerk (Elite Diamond Works),[1] which was founded in 1882 by Frederick and William Nevoigt to produce knitting machines.[2] They manufactured their first bicycle in 1895.[2] The brand name was acquired by Trek Bicycle Corporation in 2002.[2][3] By the time Diamant ceased production in Germany, its plant was the oldest existing bicycle factory in Germany.[4]

In Norway[edit]

There is also a Norwegian bicycle brand of the same name, and it is unrelated to the German brand. The Norwegian version was originally produced by Gresvig Sport, founded in Christiania in 1901 by Anders Gresvig.[5] Bicycle production started in 1908 and the Diamant brand is still in use. The production itself though, was taken over by the Swedish bicycle manufacturer Crescent already in 1955. After that, the production was taken over in 1970 by Kildemose, a Danish manufacturer. Since 1990 the bikes are produced in Asia.[6]


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