Diamond Geezer 2

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Diamond Geezer 2
Format Comedy Drama
Created by Caleb Ranson
Starring David Jason
Gary Whelan
Paul Bown
Stephen Wight
George Cole
Jenny Agutter
Country of origin United Kingdom
No. of series 2
No. of episodes 4 (List of episodes)
Producer(s) Granada Television
Running time 90 Minutes (including advertisements)
Original channel ITV
Original airing 20 March 2005

Diamond Geezer 2 (Broadcast as Diamond Geezer) is a sequel to the first Diamond Geezer airing on ITV, starring David Jason.


Episode One – A Royal Affair[edit]

We catch up with Des in Nice overseeing work on his luxurious new villa, under the alias of Major John Robie. The smile quickly disappears from Des's face when he and his son Phil are arrested on suspicion of murdering Benny Fellows – a victim from a previous heist.

DI Critchley offers the pair a deal, saying charges against them will be dropped if they return to London and pull off the robbery of a lifetime – breaking into Buckingham Palace and stealing the Star of India before it is returned to the Indian Prime Minister. Only it's not the real diamond, it's a fake! The problem is that Des and Phil only have seven days to plan and execute the near impossible raid. The whole world knows Des is the best, but will this be one job too many, even for the master criminal? And is a mystery woman about to come between father and son?

Episode Two – Old Gold[edit]

Kate, an attractive former British intelligence agent, approaches Des with a proposition. The KGB stashed gold bullion in London during the Cold War – but its whereabouts were lost when a coded message vanished. However, Kate has learned that the code is hidden in a painting hanging in the Russian Embassy – and she needs Des to steal it!

Des, Kate and her Russian contact Sergei set about devising a plan to recover the painting, but it isn't long before both British and Russian agents are on their tail. And it seems as though Kate and Sergei are not all that they seem. Will Des manage to get away before the heat comes down?

Episode Three – Old School Lies[edit]

Des attends a wake to pay his respects to old pal Bobby and meets up with Barry, Bobby's brother and Violet, his mum. Violet is heartbroken by the death of her son, as Bobby was the only good boy in her family – no thieving for him, unlike his father! However, it was a heart attack that eventually killed Bobby, which Violet believes was the result of stressing over some missing money.

As Violet sits crying, Barry takes Des for a walk by the river and talks about Bobby. It was stress that killed Bobby, after thirty years of pension contributions his company went into liquidation and Bobby's pension fund disappeared. Barry believes that City Financial firm Leyfield-Clark stole Bobby's pension fund and he wants Des to steal it back.

Des offers to do anything to ease the pain, and Barry makes it clear that this is the only money his mum will accept as help. Will Des be able to follow the paper trail and steal Bobby's pension fund for Violet?


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