Diamond Mountains

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Diamond Mountains
2014-08-11 13 30 55 View of Diamond Peak from U.S. Route 50 about 8.1 miles east of the Eureka County line in White Pine County, Nevada.JPG
Distant view of Diamond Peak, highest point in the range
Highest point
Peak Diamond Peak
Elevation 10,029 ft (3,057 m)
Diamond Mountains is located in Nevada
Diamond Mountains
Diamond Mountains
Country United States
State Nevada
Counties White Pine, Eureka
Range coordinates 39°53′N 115°48′W / 39.89°N 115.8°W / 39.89; -115.8Coordinates: 39°53′N 115°48′W / 39.89°N 115.8°W / 39.89; -115.8[1]
Topo map USGS Diamond Springs

The Diamond Mountains are a north-south mountain range in east-central Nevada northeast of Eureka. The range is along the Newark Valley and is part of the drainage divide demarcating the Little Smoky-Newark Watershed.

The mountains cover an area of 293.4 square miles (760 km2), and reach an elevation of 10,029 feet (3,057 m) at Diamond Peak in the central portion of the range. The mountain range lies between Newark Valley to the east and Diamond Valley to the west.

The Bureau of Land Management oversees 96% of the range (privately held land makes up the other 4%),[citation needed] and the fauna and flora are typical of elevated biomes of the Central Basin and Range ecoregion.


The southeast of the Diamond Mountains turn southwest and meet the Fish Creek Range, and the adjacent Mountain Boy Range, northwest. Eureka lies between the three ranges where routes north into Diamond Valley access the west flank of the range by unimproved roads. From Eureka southeast, U.S. 50 transects the south Diamond Mountains and turns due-east at the range's south perimeter. Nevada State Route 892 exits north and follows the east flank foothills for half the range length; the route then becomes an unimproved road; it traverses north past the range, then through Huntington Valley and meets Nevada State Route 228 and Elko.


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Diamond Mountains, winter 2013
North view of Diamond Valley and the west flank of the Diamond Mountains, from Richmond Mine (Richmond Mountain), adjacent to Eureka