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This article is about the company. For the building formerly known as the Diamond Shamrock Building, see Oswald Centre.

Diamond Shamrock Corp. or Diamond Shamrock Refining and Marketing was a refinerer and gas station company in the United States, headquartered in San Antonio, Texas.


In 1985 the company had a $604.7 million loss. It restructured itself in the year before December 1986. On Wednesday December 3, 1986 T. Boone Pickens offered to buy Diamond Shamrock for $2 billion. Kit Freiden of the Associated Press stated "some analysts predicted the giant energy company would reject the offer."[1]

In 1988 the company's annual refinery sales were $1.8 billion. Diamond Shamrock owned and operated 529 stores. 423 of them were in Texas, with 94 of them in Greater Houston. The company owned an additional 64 stores in Colorado. In 1988 the company bought from investor F. Philip Handy 80 Tenneco gasoline stations, with 30 of them in Houston. According to the plans, the Tenneco stores would be rebranded as Diamond Shamrocks.[2]

In 1995 Diamond Shamrock had 2,000 stores, with most of them in Texas, Colorado, New Mexico, and Louisiana. Of them, over 170 stores were in Houston. That year, Diamond Shamrock bought the National Convenience Stores Stop N Go chain for $260 million. The plans called for the combined company to be headquartered in San Antonio. The combined company was to have two refineries in Texas, 11,000 employees, and 2,600 stores.[3]

In 1996, Canadian company Ultramar bought Diamond Shamrock for $1.96 billion in stock and assumed debt.[4] The combined company was renamed "Ultramar Diamond Shamrock".[4]

Valero Energy Corporation acquired Ultramar Diamond Shamrock in 2001.[5]


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