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Diane Elizabeth MacEachern Barwick (29 April 1938 – 4 April 1986) was a Canadian-born anthropologist, researcher and teacher in the field of Australian Aboriginal culture and society.

Background and Teaching[edit]

Barwick attended the University of British Columbia in the late 1950s, then moved to Australia in 1960 to undertake a Ph.D at the Australian National University (ANU), She undertook research and teaching at the Australian Institute for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies[1] and was a tutor and a lecturer at ANU between 1974 and 1982.

Research and publication[edit]

Barwick was the co-founder and editor for a time, of Aboriginal History, the journal of the Australian Centre for Indigenous History, Research School of Social Science, ANU.[2]

Barwick's research and writing focussed on the traditional and contemporary aspects of aboriginal life, while she campaigned against prejudice and injustice for aboriginal people. In 1984 she published the journal article "Mapping the Past: An Atlas of Victorian clans, 1835-1904", which has become a major reference understanding the traditional ownership of Aboriginal land in Victoria. This was to be the start of a larger project, but she died of a cerebral hemorrhage just days short of her forty-eighth birthday having just started the second part of the project. Barwick was survived by her husband, zoologist Richard Barwick, (who was a strong supporter of her anthropological work) and their child, Laura Eden Barwick (born 1973).[3]


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