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Diary film poster.jpg
The Hong Kong theatrical poster.
Directed by Oxide Pang
Produced by The Pang Brothers
Written by Oxide Pang
Thomas Pang
Starring Charlene Choi
Shawn Yue
Isabella Leong
Music by Payont Permsith
Cinematography Anuchit Chotrattanasiri
Edited by Curran Pang
Distributed by Universe Films
Image Entertainment
Release dates
  • October 26, 2006 (2006-10-26) (Hong Kong)
Running time 85 minutes
Country Hong Kong
Language Cantonese
Box office $749,981[1]

Diary (also known as Mon seung) is a 2006 Cantonese-language thriller film directed by Oxide Pang.


Winnie Leung (Charlene Choi), a dour loner of a young woman, spends her days in her apartment, cooking meals, carving wooden dolls and waiting for her boyfriend, Seth Lau (Shawn Yue) to come home. One day, she records in her diary, "Today Seth left, without a sound."

She then ventures outside and sees a man named Ray (also Shawn Yue), and invites him back to her apartment for a meal. She says that her boyfriend, Seth, died in a car accident and asks him to stay with her. Ray takes pity on and he ends up living with her.

One night, Ray and Winnie are having a candlelight dinner at home while it is raining outside. Touched by the moment, Winnie reminisces her romance with Seth, and says that Seth died of cancer two years ago. Ray is confused and an argument follows, to prove herself, Winnie takes out her diary and reads out the entry put in the day Seth died. As she recites the last paragraph, Winnie suddenly comes to Ray with a scary look in her eye and questions his love for her.



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