Diary of King Yeonsan (film)

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Diary of King Yeonsan
Diary of King Yeonsan.jpg
Theatrical poster for Diary of King Yeonsan (1987)
Revised Romanization Yeonsan ilgi
McCune–Reischauer Yŏnsan ilgi
Directed by Im Kwon-taek[1]
Produced by Yeo Jeong-ho
Written by Lee Sang-hyeon
Music by Shin Byung-ha
Cinematography Koo Joong-mo
Edited by Im Kwon-taek
Distributed by Pung Jeong Enterprises Co., Ltd.
Release dates
  • 1987 (1987)
Running time
118 minutes
Country South Korea
Language Korean

Diary of King Yeonsan (Hangul: 연산일기; RR: Yeonsan Ilgi) is a 1987 South Korean film directed by Im Kwon-taek. It was chosen as Best Film at the Grand Bell Awards.[2][3][4]


A historical drama on the life of Yeonsangun of Joseon, who was the subject of director Shin Sang-ok's award-winning Prince Yeonsan (1961).




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