Dias Cross Memorial

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The Dias Cross Memorial is a provincial heritage site at Kwaaihoek, Alexandria in the Eastern Cape province of South Africa.[1] It can be seen from miles away from its distinctive colors. The memorial is located at S 33.718499 E 26.624014.

In 1945 it was described in the Government Gazette as

A minor road turns sharply off to the right from the main road that leads from Alexandria to Bushman’s River Mouth; it passes Boknes and comes to an end near the coast. About a kilometre further east from the end of the road, beyond the sand dunes, lies Kwaaihoek, also known as False Island, a high promontory that juts out towards the sea. On top of the headland that extends the furthest Bartholomew Diaz, the famous Portuguese navigator and discoverer of the Cape, erected a cross or padrao on 12th March, 1488. A replica of the cross has been erected on the same bleak, exposed spot.

The remains of the original cross erected by Bartolomeu Dias are located at the University of the Witwatersrand in Johannesburg.[2]