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Skeletal formula
Ball-and-stick model
Abbreviations DDNP
CAS number 4682-03-5 YesY
PubChem 5463880
ChemSpider 4576415 N
EC number 225-134-9
Jmol-3D images Image 1
Molecular formula C6H2N4O5
Molar mass 210.10 g/mol
Solubility in water Insoluble
Except where noted otherwise, data are given for materials in their standard state (at 25 °C (77 °F), 100 kPa)
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Diazodinitrophenol (DDNP) is a yellowish brown powder. It is soluble in acetic acid, acetone, concentrated hydrochloric acid, most non-polar solvents and is slightly soluble in water.

A solution of cold sodium hydroxide may be used to destroy it. DDNP may be desensitized by immersing it in water, as it does not react in water at normal temperature. It is less sensitive to impact but more powerful than mercury fulminate and lead azide. The sensitivity of DDNP to friction is much less than that of mercury fulminate, but it is approximately that of lead azide.

DDNP is used with other materials to form priming mixtures, particularly where a high sensitivity to flame or heat is desired. DDNP is often used as an initiating explosive in propellant primer devices and is a substitute for lead styphnate in what are termed "non-toxic" (lead free) priming explosive compositions.

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