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A dice tower, made to look like a medieval house in 28mm scale

A dice tower is an object used by gamers to roll dice. There are many forms of towers and they vary in construction and design.


Dice towers have been used since at least the fourth century. The Vettweiss-Froitzheim Dice Tower is a surviving example, used by Romans in Germany and has essentially the same design as modern examples with internal baffles to force the dice to rotate more randomly.


The main elements of a dice tower include:

  • the tower itself, a hollow, vertical rectangular prism with projections along the side (often called 'bafflers') to sufficiently tumble the dice in order to achieve a random result
  • a ramp at the bottom which spills the dice from the inside of the tower
  • a small tray, into which the dice come to rest, usually bordered by a short lip to prevent the dice from exiting and disrupting the game or going astray


Interior of a dice tower showing ramps intended to cause tumbling as dice fall through the tower

The dice are dropped in the top of the tower and gravity effectively does the rest.

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