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Richard E. Dyszel, known professionally as Dick Dyszel (March 20, 1947-) is an American television personality, known for his television alter-egos Count Gore De Vol and Captain 20.

The Chicago native attended Southern Illinois University and graduated with a degree in radio-TV. He became the local Bozo the Clown at WDXR-TV in Paducah, Kentucky before moving on to WDCA in Washington in 1972. He was a jack of all trades at WDCA, functioning as the station's announcer, as kids' show host Captain 20 as well as Washington's second Bozo, after Willard Scott had originated the local version of the character. The horror host character of Count Gore De Vol (whose name was either a play on author Gore Vidal or the name of a prominent Washington D.C. funeral home, "De Vol.") originated as a character called M.T. Graves on Bozo. He stayed on as the Count until 1987 and left for Chicago in 1995.

In 1998, Dyszel became the first horror host to present a weekly show on the Internet, featuring Count Gore hosting streaming video of movies and shorts.

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