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Dick Geary ( Richard J. Geary; born 1945) is a British historian.

Geary´s field of research is the European labour movement and the intellectual history of Marxism. He is specialized in German History, including the German Empire since 1871, the Weimar Republic and Nazism. More recently Dick Geary has developed a second research focus on the history of slavery. His methods include both social history and comparative studies.

During his career Dick Geary worked at King's College in Cambridge, Lancaster University where he was responsible for the Department of German Studies. Until his retirement in 2010 he was director of the Institute on the History of Slavery at University of Nottingham.[1]

Selected Works[edit]

  • Hitler and Nazism, London 1993.
  • European Labour Politics from 1900 to the Depression, Houndmills u.a. 1991.
  • Karl Kautsky, Manchester 1987.[2]
  • (editor) Labour and Socialist Movements in Europe before 1914, Berg Publishers, 1989[3]
  • European Labour Protest 1848-1939, London 1981.


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