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Dickson Despommier at Pop!Tech 2008

Dickson D. Despommier (born June 5, 1940[1]) is a microbiologist, ecologist and Professor of Public Health in Environmental Health Sciences at Columbia University. He conducts research on intracellular parasitism and teaches courses on Parasitic Diseases, Medical Ecology and Ecology. In recent years, Despommier has received considerable media coverage for his ideas on vertical farming.[2][3] He developed his concept of vertical farming with graduate students in a medical ecology class in 1999, with work continued by Ontarian eco-architects like Gordon Graff [4][5] from the University of Waterloo's School of Architecture.

Despommier is also co-host of two popular podcasts along with Vincent Racaniello, namely TWIV (This Week in Virology) and TWIP (This Week in Parasitism).


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