Dictatorship Resistance Committee

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Dictatorship Resistance Committee
Founded August 5, 2011 (2011-08-05)[1]
Headquarters Lviv[1]
Ideology pro-Europeanism
International affiliation None
Colours White
Politics of Ukraine
Political parties

The Dictatorship Resistance Committee (Ukrainian: Комітет опору диктатурі) is an alliance formed by several political parties in Ukraine opposed to Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych. Before the 2012 Ukrainian parliamentary elections, alliance merged with the All-Ukrainnian Association Fatherland (Batkivshchyna) as All-Ukrainian Association Fatherland - United Opposition.


The Dictatorship Resistance Committee formed in August 2011 and came to join some other opposition alliances that were already active; most parties had joined forces one year earlier in People's Committee to Protect Ukraine.[2] It was especially designed to promote public and civic actions against the conviction of former Ukrainian Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko, who is also the leader of one of the member parties.[3]

Late September 2011 Tymoshenko called for the opposition to run the elections on a single-party ticket.[4] As of November 2011 the parties involved in the Dictatorship Resistance Committee where negotiating forming joint electoral list of candidates in electoral districts in the 2012 Ukrainian parliamentary elections.[5][6]


As of March 2012, the Committee is formed by the following parties:[7]

Although UDAR of Vitaliy Klychko has not joined the Dictatorship Resistance Committee it signed an agreement on 22 January 2012 on joint actions with the alliance.[9]

Former members[edit]


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