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Diego Barber

Diego Barber (Lanzarote, Canary Islands, Spain) is a classical and jazz guitarist. Throughout his career, Barber’s discography has been featured in music charts and "best record of the year" lists by National Public Radio,[1] Chicago Tribune and Los Angeles Times. He has received reviews from magazines published by All About Jazz,[2] Billboard,[3] JazzTimes and Down Beat,[4] among others. Diego has recorded four albums released by Sunnyside Records[5] and Origin Records.[6]

Early life[edit]

Barber was born into a family of musicians.[7] In his beginnings, he attended the Lanzarote Conservatory of Music[8] with professor Miguel Ángel Calzadilla and took private lessons with Professor Toñin Corújo. Years later, he enrolled at the Arturo Soria Conservatory in Madrid. In this period, he met José Ramón García, who taught him harmony, analysis, composition and where he was trained as a musician. Consecutively, he attended the Salamanca Higher Conservatory of Music, where he finished his B.A. in Classical Guitar. During his studies in Salamanca, two significant events occurred: Professor Costas Cotsiolis accepted him to join lessons for one year in Atenas and, Professor Ricardo Gallén[9] trained him in any part of the world they were. Subsequently, Diego attended the Mozarteum University of Salzburg where he completed his postgraduate studies in cooperation with Professor Marco Tamayo. During this phase, Barber won the first prize in the “Leo Brouwer Guitar Festival and Competition” in Spain in 2003, as well as the first prize in a competition organized by the Miami Classical Guitar Society[10] in 2004, which allowed him to offer several concerts in many cities of Greece, Spain and Germany. After completing his studies in Austria, he had already composed some pieces which would be part of his first album.

Personal life[edit]

He lives in New York where he has recorded[11] the albums “Calima”,[12] “The Choice”,[13] and “Tales” in cooperation with Mark Turner (musician), Jeff Ballard (musician), Larry Grenadier, Ari Hoenig, Johannes Weidenmüller, Seamus Blake and Craig Taborn, through the label Sunnyside Records. The album “411”, shared with Hugo Ciprés, is due to release on Origin Records.


He has received reviews from magazines such as All About Jazz, Billboard, JazzTimes and Downbeat, among others

"..known for the grandeur and majesty of his playing. Diego Barber's impressive dynamics and exquisiteness of expression are deeply rooted in extraordinary technique".[14]—All About Jazz.

"Barber's playing is beautiful, his fingers fly lightly over the fretboard".[15]—Down Beat Magazine.

"Diego Barber is a portent of things to come, and the beginnings of a bright career from one who has all the potential to be a truly original voice in modern music".[16]—Michael G. Nastos, Billboard.

"Barber approaches the guitar with precision and fluidity - and with great sensitivity... He's adept at coaxing melodies embedded with an air of mystery and mischief."—JazzTimes.

"Barber and Taborn offer up a sprawling epic in four parts, music with a cerebral punch via the intricacy of the patterns of their interplay, while also forging a mainline straight to the heart via the sheer beauty of the music presented. One of the best things I’ve heard all year. Pick of the Week." [17]—Dave Sumner.


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