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Diema logo
Launched 15 Мay 1999 (as Diema+) 2007 (as Diema)
Owned by Modern Times Group
Country Bulgaria
Sister channel(s) Nova Television, Kino Nova, Diema Family, Nova Sport
Website http://diema.bg/1

Diema (Bulgarian: Диема) is part of the Nova Television Group Bulgaria, a subsidiary of MTG.The channel airs mainly films, action series. Along with Nova Sport airs sports, including matches from the English FA Premier League, the FA Cup and the UEFA European Football Championship qualifications, as well as the England national football team home matches.


Founded in 1999 as Diema + by Emil Slavchev, the company was represented by two executive directors, Anatoli Belchev and Asen Radulov until 2005.

Over the years the Diema channels steadily gained popularity and at the end of 2005 became part of Apace Media Group. In March 2007, Diema+ is renamed as Diema. Diema Vision became part of BMGL (Balkan Media Group Limited), a joint venture between Apace Media Group UK and the international entertainment-broadcasting group Modern Times Group MTG AB.

In March 2009, MTG announced an agreement that would see the assets of Balkan Media Group Limited merge with the newly acquired Nova Televizia. MTG owns 95 percent of the company, while Apace Media retains a 5 percent minority share. On 12 September 2011 it changed its look and logo.

Diema Extra[edit]

Diema Extra (Диема Екстра) was a paid channel, airing Pay Per View events mostly from English and Spanish Football Leagues. Later, most of these programs were moved to the other Diema channels, as few people signed up for the service, and advertising proved more profitable. In September 2007 Diema Extra was finally closed.