Dietrich of Ringelheim

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Dietrich of Ringelheim[n 1] was a Saxon earl of the Middle Ages.


Dietrich of Ringelheim of the House of the Saxon Prince Wittekind, father of Matilda, was known as the Earl of Ringelheim when his daughter married the Duke of Saxony, later Henry the Fowler.[1] He was probably born in the second half of the 9th century, a few decades after the Saxons were brought under the control of Charlemagne's Frankish empire. His date of death is uncertain, but might have been after the 910s according to the Memoirs of the Royal Academy of Sciences and Letters.

Reinhild, his wife and the mother of Matilda, was of "royal Danish and Frisian blood".[2]


  1. ^ Known in French as Thierry or Théodoric de Ringelheim.


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