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Dig is a children's magazine published by Cobblestone Publishing and associated with the Archaeological Institute of America.

Each issue of Dig is 48 pages, and the magazine comes out several times per year. Most of the issues are theme-based. The magazine describes a collection of articles relating to archaeological finds from around the world. It illustrates what archaeologists have found and also explore the cultural, scientific, and architectural accomplishments of the societies that left these artifacts. These magazines give great background and insight to what archaeologists do on the field and how there digs contribute to our knowledge of culture. Recent examples of this type of issue include "Who Were the First Americans?" (April 2007), "Australia: Land of the Unknown" (April 2006), and "Machu Piccu" (Nov. 2005).

In other issues, the theme might be a broad cultural constant that is explored in a variety of ancient civilizations. Recent examples include "For the Love of Money" (March 2007), "Disaster" (Feb. 2007), and "High Fashion" (May 2006).

Most issues of Dig also have puzzles and hands-on projects.

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