Digimon: Digital Monsters (comics)

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Digimon: Digital Monsters
Cover of very first issue
Publication information
Publisher Dark Horse Comics
Schedule monthly
Format Limited series
Genre Comedy-drama, Fantasy
Publication date May 2000 – November 2000
Number of issues 12
Creative team
Writer(s) Daniel Horn, Ryan Hill
Artist(s) Daniel Horn, Cara L. Niece
Colorist(s) Zachary

Digimon: Digital Monsters is an American comic book adaptation of Digimon Adventure. It was published between May and November 2000, and ran for 12 issues. After its initial run ended, it was collected into a trade paperback. It is the second comic series to be based on Digimon😉


Unlike other Digimon comics, Digital Monsters was first published in America, and thus uses full-color American-style art. It adapts the first thirteen episodes of the dubbed version of Digimon Adventure. Like the anime, the comics tell the story of seven children at a summer camp who get transported to the Digital World. There, they meet their Digimon partners. Gennai tells them that they are DigiDestined who have to save the Digital World from evil forces.



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