Digital Connectivity

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Digital Connectivity
Video by Fear Factory
Released December 18, 2001
Genre Industrial metal
Label Roadrunner
Director Amber Cordero
Producer Amber Cordero
Fear Factory chronology
- Digital Connectivity

Digital Connectivity is a DVD by Los Angeles industrial metal band Fear Factory released in 2001 on Roadrunner Records.

Durning the selection Separated into 4 parts, "Lifeblind"'s intro is repeated. The menu features documents a separate phase of Fear Factory's advancement as a band, the film includes all of the band's music videos ("Replica", "Resurrection", "Cars" and "Linchpin"), as well as rare backstage footage, live clips and band interviews.

The DVD also includes: 5 photo galleries covering every phase of the Fear Factory evolution, the complete and detailed Fear Factory discography, the definitive Fear Factory story written by vocalist Burton C. Bell and 8 bonus audio tracks (rare and previously unreleased B-sides and remixes).

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Martyr" (live)
  2. "Scapegoat" (live)
  3. "Scumgrief" (live)
  4. "Replica" (music video)
  5. "Demanufacture" (live)
  6. "Self Bias Resistor" (live)
  7. "Dog Day Sunrise" (live)
  8. "Resurrection" (music video)
  9. "Shock" (live)
  10. "Edgecrusher" (live)
  11. "Cars" (music video)
  12. "Linchpin" (music video)
  13. "What Will Become?" (live)
  14. "Damaged" (live)
  15. "Digimortal" (live)