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Digital Eel is a self-funded independent video game development team located in the Seattle, Washington area. The group was formed in 2001 by Rich Carlson (Ion Storm, Looking Glass Studios), Iikka Keränen (Looking Glass Studios, Valve Software) and Bill "Phosphorus" Sears (KnowWonder, GameHouse).[1]


  • Rich Carlson – design, sound, music and art
  • Iikka Keränen – design, code and art
  • Bill "Phosphorus" Sears (deceased) – artist, music and design
  • Henry Kropf – code, Mac expert

Fearless Testers[edit]

Digital Eel game testers are referred to as the Fearless Testers in the game credits.[2]

James Cook, Greg Costikyan, Chris Cummings, Bob Dalgliesh, James Ernest, Thomas & Zoe Flint, Bruce Ladewig, Chris Laskowski, Kevin Matheny, Duncan McPherson, Deanna Molinaro, Joe Pallai, Jim Price, Richard Rouse III, Amy Schrader, Colton Sears, Corbin Sears, Chris Siegel, John Slade, James Sterrett, Brian Uhrig, Thom Wetzel and Ed Zavada (also Digital Eel's former Mac coder)


In April 2013, the company announced plans for the next installment of Infinite Space and turned to Kickstarter to fund the project.[3] Funding was successful.[4]



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