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Digital Media Academy
Established 2002
Type Digital Art & Technology Education
Location Locations in USA & Canada

Digital Media Academy (commonly referred to as "DMA") is a digital art and technology training company, located in Los Gatos, CA, offering Stanford University Continuing Studies accredited courses for adults as well as summer camp programs for kids, age 6-18, computer camp and tech camp at several universities in the US and Canada.[1] DMA was officially incorporated in 2002, but was incubated at Stanford University in the late 1990s as the Academy for New Media, a program of Stanford’s Academic Computing department. The Academy for New Media was created at Stanford in 1999 as an outreach to K-12 educators and high-school students interested in learning the latest digital media software tools from award-winning creative professionals.[2] In Fall 2001, the Academy for New Media fell victim to University budget cuts and the program was transitioned away from Stanford to a private entity – and Digital Media Academy was born. The Stanford University Continuing Studies department has continued to offer CEU credit through Digital Media Academy since its inception in 2002.[3] Students may attend Digital Media Academy summer camps with the day camp or sleepaway camp option. These camps offer sports and recreation, while being known as computer camp or tech camp primarily.

Program offerings[edit]

For adult-learners, DMA offers various industry certifications in topics like 3D Animation, Film Production, Game Programing, Mobile Device Programing and Web Design, and is also an Apple Inc. Authorized Training Center[4] and Adobe Systems Training Partner.[5] For youth, DMA offers summer computer camps, including sleep away camps at the University of British Columbia, Stanford University, UCLA, UCSD, the University of Texas at Austin, George Washington University, Drexel University, Swarthmore College, Harvard University and the University of Chicago.[6]


Digital Media Academy offers a robust scholarship program[7] to make its courses accessible to everyone and has partnered with various non-profit and community-focused organizations including the New Media Consortium,[8] CUE[9] and the John Lennon Educational Tour Bus.[10]


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