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Digital embossing is a new digital printing technology,[1] designed to revolutionize the enhancement process in the printing industry. Digital embossing eliminates the need for printing plates, molds, chemicals and solvents, emitting no pollutants or waste and reduces overall energy use. The high resolution inkjet technology enables selective coating with variable thickness and stamp-less embossing.Digital embossing allows for on-demand printing of as few as one item to thousands of copies.

Digital embossing was invented by Scodix,[2] an Israel-based startup company that produces equipment for print enhancement applications in the commercial and packaging industries.[3] Digital embossing enhancement technology was first unveiled at IPEX 2010 on the Scodix1200™ UV DigitalEmbossing™ press.[4]

Digital Embossing can be specified in two levels of raise. Low Lift and High Lift, depending on the requirement.


The preparation for Digital Embossing is not easy. An additional Black Separation with image in all the areas you would like to have Digital Embossing is needed. Because of the exceptional accuracy of the process (each sheet is registered optically before printing) the most complex shapes can be embossed. It is even possible to include half tones in the design (Tints of Black) which will make the Embossing taper on the finished page.

Low Lift[edit]

Low Lift With Low Lift Emboss the effect is somewhat similar (though there is still much more texture) to the very highest high lift UV varnish. Also there are the overwhelming advantages of a pin point accurate register, ability to emboss complex shapes and an environmentally friendly process.

High Lift[edit]

High Lift Digital Embossing is absolutely stunning. It has the excitement of a spot UV varnished, embossed job but with perfect registration and without the matching, deep deboss on the reverse of the sheet below the embossing.

Production Time[edit]

Digital Embossing generally adds 2 minutes to the production time.

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