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Dil Dostii Dance
V D3 Dil Dosti Dance.jpg
Format Teen Drama – Dance, Musical, Romance and Comedy
Created by Palki Malhotra
Directed by Vikram Labhe/Aniruddha Rajderkar/Rajeev/Sahil/
Starring Vrushika Mehta , Shantanu Maheshwari
Theme music composer Lenin Nandi
Hriju Roy
Country of origin India
Original language(s) Hindi English
No. of episodes 972 (as of 13th June 2014)
Producer(s) Prem Kishan
Sunil Mehta
Editor(s) Prveen/Shadab
Running time 26 minutes average
Original channel Channel V India
Original run 11 April 2011 – present
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Dil Dostii Dance is a dance-based fiction show that airs on Channel V India. It traces the journey of a group of young college students and their passion for dance. Along the journey, the characters face several other emotions, including friendship and love. The show premiered on 11 April 2011.


Kria Ghai (Shakti Mohan) comes from Dehradun to Mumbai to fulfill her dream of becoming a famous dancer. Despite many setbacks, including her mother's displeasure (played by Tarana Raja Kapoor) when it comes to dance, she manages to get admission in St Louis College, Mumbai, one of the most reputed in the city. Here, she comes face to face with college rockstar, Reyansh Singhania or "Rey" (Kunwar Amarjeet Singh) whom she had met earlier at a club in Dehradun too. She finds out about the two groups in college, the Dazzlings and the Weaklings. She ends up befriending Neha, a Weakling and gets into the bad books of Sharon Rai Prakash(Sneha Kapoor), the dancing diva of the college. Kria also meets Swayam Shekhawat (Shantanu Maheshwari), a shy but intelligent student who is head over heels in love with Sharon Rai Prakash, in spite of being constantly snubbed by her. Like Kria, he is an outstanding dancer, a talent which Kria realises. She, along with Neha, Vishakha, Amar, Bharat and Swayam form a dance team named 'Weaklings' and decide to participate in Footloose, a dance competition. They face strong resistance from their opposing dance team 'Dazzlers', consisting of Rey, Sharon, Rinni, Simmi, Nilesh and Vicky, but the two teams eventually end up becoming good friends. While this friendship ends up bringing Kria and Rey closer, it make Sharon distance herself even more from Swayam, who even ends up sending Sharon gifts as her "secret admirer", only to be rudely taunted. Kria and Rey eventually end up "more than friends", while Neha-Vicky become a couple. Swayam decides to forget Sharon and begins to behave coldly with her.

As Footloose approaches, Shivam (Lavin Gothi), a rival college's student, ends up befriending Sharon and uses her against the team. He leaks out the truth about Kria's dance team to her mother who does not allow her to perform. He makes Sharon videotape the Dazzler's routine and steals it from her phone, something they don't realize until much later. This forces Kria to leave St.Louis and puts an end to her dancing career as well as her blossoming relationship with Rey, leaving him heartbroken.

The Dazzler's humiliation at Footloose leaves Sharon completely shattered and reduces her confidence. It is at this time that Swayam decides help her come out of her shell again. Though she never acknowledges it, Sharon does have feelings for Swayam. After the gang's return from Goa, where Sharon renewed her confidence, Taani(Vrinda Dawda) enters. Taani is Swayam's sister and is in love with Rey, a feeling so strong that it compels her come from Jodpur to Mumbai. Despite initial resistance, she ends up becoming a part of the gang. After Kria's departure, the Weaklings are busy looking for a 6th dancer, which is why Taani pretends to be a good dancer to get into the team, which creates havoc when the truth unfolds.

Meanwhile, Shivam enters their college once again and tries to break the team. At this time, Sharon and Swayam are getting closer to each other. Swayam finally musters up the courage to ask Sharon out which she refuses. But she finally accepts her love for Swayam and expresses it, commencing their "Trial Relationship". Shivam quickly befriends Taani, and uses her to manipulates things against the D3 gang. Thanks to a situation created by Shivam, Taani and he pretend to be a couple, which gets Rey jealous. Sharon and Swayam decide to keep their relationship a secret.Thanks to Shivam, the Dazzlers manage to get back into Footloose. But Shivam ends up creating trouble between the two teams by raising the topic of the Weakings team falling short of a dancer. When Sharon is unable to keep up her word of letting the team in because of Shivam's tactics, the Weaklings blame the Dazzlers for their defeat and the latter's win. However, the anger boils down after a while,and the gang unites, though it ends up breaking the Vicky-Neha relationship. Vishakha leaves the college soon after.

It is during the Dance Camp that Sharon ends up fainting while dancing and is taken to Delhi. The Dance Camp ends up breaking the confidence of the gang, as only Swayam, Neha and Rey win titles. Taani and Rey end up getting closer while Swayam continues to maintain a long distance relationship with his girlfriend, Sharon. The gang ends up meeting Aashi, a fellow college student who always wanted to be a part of the Weaklings team. Aashi has a tiny crush on Swayam which ends up in the gang constantly teasing them together, against Swayam's wishes. Taani and Rey become closer to each other. Thanks to the efforts taken by the Assistant Vice Principal, Khushboo (Khushboo Grewal), dance is banned and everyone quits the team, except Swayam, Rey, Nilesh and Aashi. After a while, Sharon stops responding to Swayam's calls and messages which gets him worried. During this time, Taani and Rey continuously bicker and argue about their relationship as GS-AGS. When Sharon(Vrushika Mehta) finally returns from Delhi, she behaves coldly with Swayam and breaks up with him. The reason behind this is that Sharon has Asthma, which will stop her from dancing. Sharon knows how much Swayam loves dancing and doesn't want him to quit for her sake. Swayam is shattered but still tries to find out Sharon's reasons. Sharon keeps the asthma a secret from everyone, except her best friend, Simmi. At this time, Taani and Rey also confess their feelings for one another and become a couple.

Sharon tells the gang that she won't be a part of the dance team anymore. She refuses to help the team prepare for the dance at India-Fest, though it ends up with Swayam and her sharing a passionate dance. At India-Fest, the entire gang arrives unexpectedly, after having decided that they will continue dancing. Everyone, including Sharon, performs at India-Fest together which attracts a viewer who offers them money to perform together. This leads the team to form their own group, D3 Dil Dostii Dance. Sharon ends up revealing about her asthma problem to Swayam which leads to an emotional break up. In spite of that, Swayam silently continues to take care of her which manages to get them closer to each other, though as friends.The D3 gang begins to perform at various events while preparing for the Nation Dance Championship (NDC) as well. At this time, Swayam's father, Rishi Shekhwat enters. He hates Swayam's passion for dance and keeps putting him down. Unaware of Rey's dancing talent, he constantly pits Rey against Swayam, ending to Swayam becoming extremely angry and annoyed.

Rey realizes that Taani is becoming far too dependent on him and Swayam and breaks up with her, hoping she will be able to become more independent. Sharon also realizes she has undeniable feelings for Swayam and gets closer to him, leaving him confused about where their relationship stands. The D3 team goes on progressing from one NDC level to another. They are eliminated during one level, which Swayam feels is because of the injury he had sustained. Later, they realize it was because of a biased judge who is removed because of Taani's efforts and the team's disqualification is taken back. Swayam tries to stay away from Sharon to prevent himself from being hurt. But eventually, Sharon ends up indirectly confessing her feelings for him by telling his father. This leads to Swayam and Sharon proposing their feelings to each other finally and them becoming a couple, which they decide to keep a secret. Rey tells Taani the reason for their break up but Taani decides to end the relationship for good and move on. On the day of the finals of NDC, thanks to Sharon, Rishi ends up making up with his son. The team wins the competition. Post this, Sharon and Swayam end up going on their first date. Soon after, Taani tells everyone that she is leaving the college.

Sharon ends up getting chicken pox, because of which she does not come to college for a week. Taani leaves the college after a fond farewell, though leaving Rey completely heartbroken. It is then when Mr. Aditya Khurrana (Sehban Azim), a PR agent enters and offers to promote Rey. Rey agrees, but only if it is along with the gang. Mr Khurrana tries numerous ways to separate the gang, by making them feel unwanted and small.He creates the "ReyZors" which displeases the gang immensely. This leads to Neha feeling completely under confident and makes her take the decision of leaving the D3 team in order to form a solo dance career. When Sharon comes back to college ;she is given a heart warming welcome by the whole gang,especially Swayam; Aditya makes her Rey's dancing partner, in order to create problems between Rey and Swayam. Swayam and Sharon end up going on a few dates, part of Swayam's wishlist, before their relationship is rudely brought to an end over a misunderstanding and a fight. Rey realizes his mistake when he finds out about Mr Khurrana's doings and takes his revenge by publicly insulting him at a press conference and bringing his gang into the limelight. The D3 team becomes one again, though the gang is unsure about whether they want to continue dancing. Sharon is unable to forgive Rey for creating a rift between Swayam and her. Rey decides to conduct a team building exercise and tells the Vice Principal about his idea. Sharon is put in charge of this exercise as she is the college GS. This exercise proves successful as the team is unified, though they take a promise never to dance again, for dance was the reason behind the drift caused between them. They win the team building exercise and are chosen organize the Ganesh Chaturthi Dance Festival. Throughout this fest, Rey fruitlessly tries to break the team's promise of 'No Dance'. Trouble is brought upon the D3 team on Knight Rangers college's abrupt entry. On the last day of the fest, Shivam challenges the D3 team for a face-off which eventually brings dance back into D3's life. Shivam brings dance back into the D3 gang with a plan of Rey and befriends Rey. Shivam is now a changed person. However, Swayam and Sharon are still not together. Sharon misses Swayam badly and is disappointed to see that Swayam no longer loves her as much as he did. She thinks about the good old times and plans to become history secret admirer.

Sharon becomes Swayam's secret admirer and sends him gifts. But everyone misunderstands this and think that Rey has a secret admirer. Swayam finally comes to know that Sharon is his secret admirer but keeps it a secret as well. Aashi declares herself as Rey's secret admirer to avoid further misunderstandings and fights with Sharon. Sharon and Swayam have a showdown in the announcement room about the secret admirer stuff and their relationship which the whole college hears. When Swayam says that he and Sharon were a couple in front of the D3 team, she disagrees to the fact saying that they never were or can be a couple. This finally results in a break-up, this time from Swayam's side. Sharon is now determined to win Swayam back. She also fulfills the 4th wish of his wish-list and dresses up as Desi Sharon to impress him. The whole D3 team will now be putting up a Ram-Leela for a charity event soon to be held in their college.

Enters Taani who brings the invitations to the team for attending her engagement. Rey is heartbroken. Sharon convinces him to attend the engagement as this would help him move on. Rey tries to convoke Taani to runaway with him but she refuses. Rey finds out that Vishesh (Suchit Vikram Singh) is a good guy who knows everything about Taani's past but still loves her. Rey gives the couple his blessings and Taani gets engaged.

The night of the engagement, Swayam makes a call to Kria[1] to wish her a happy birthday. Kria, who is now in New York City, has apparently been in contact with Swayam for some time now. During their conversation, Kria asks how Rey is and how Taani's engagement was. That same night, Rey gets a surprise visit from his father. His father strikes a deal with Rey in which Rey has to make 75 thousand, through his dancing, in six months to be able to continue his career in dance after graduation.

The next day, the D3 gang is called into V.P. Sir's office and are scolded for their poor attendance. He tells the D3 team that in the next six months, they will have to attend all their classes. If they don't, they won't be able to take their final examinations needed to graduate. The D3 team decide that they would still continue to dance as much as they did before, even though of the exams. Rey, now thinking of his career, decides to open up a dance academy. He asks the team to prepare a presentation to pitch their plan to different investors. He, first tries the BOD of the college through the vice principal but faces a rejection. Not giving up, Rey decides to design more business plans. Kria now wants to go back to India to win back her friends. For this she declines an offer to London's Popular Dance Institute. She also persuades the New York's Dance Institute to give a chance to Rey's dance academy. For this she visits St.Louis College as an exchange student, also in the hope of winning her friends back. When the D3 team in informed about the exchange student coming, they het excited and start preparing for it but to their surprise it was Kria and they plan to boycott her as she left their, Rey heartbroken. Swayam wasn't included in the plan as he knew the real reason for Kria leaving, oblivious to the others. Kria decides to win her friends back. Sharon befriends with Kriya to get Swayam's empathy. D3 gang continued to behave coldly with Kriya and Sharon made them accept to join Kria's workshop. V.P Sir told Rey and Kriya to perform a duet on annual day. During the preparations, Nilesh & Vicky try to send Kria back to New York as they feel that Rey wasn't comfortable with Kria being around. They even lock her up in the store room which ends up Rey finding her. The Annual day arrives where Nilesh and Vicky dissolve a medicine in Kriya's energy drink because of which Kria falls from the stairs and breaks her leg. To treat it, she goes to the hospital and Rey thinks she has left him again but she somehow manage to escape from the hospital and dances in spite of the pain and doctor telling her not to take risk as the wound could increase. Rey notices her leg after the performance and takes her to the hospital. He soon gets to know that Nilesh & Vicky were behind this just to make Kria change her decision and return to New York. He forgives them as he thinks he has given wrong signals to his friends leading to them thinking of all the pranks. He blames himself for Kria's injury and he takes her full responsibility. He is supported by his father who knows about rey's past with Kria. The next day Kria gets to know that her academy is calling her back to New York but decides not to tell Rey before she could do something about this. The team gets to know the their affiliation with New York Dance Institute wasn't successful as they weren't impressed and decided to inaugurate their Dance Institute in some other Asian country and not India. The V.P. had already informed about the decision taken by NYDI to the gang leaving them upset. Later Kria was sent her return tickets to New York. When the gang came to know, they were left heartbroken but decided to make the last three days memorable. Kria hadn't been successful in her "Mission Affiliation" but has won the "Mission Friendship" which satisfied her. Rey wasn't happy with Kria leaving him again but he had no option. Soon Swayam suggested him to do something memorable for Kria thus he planned a 'Mini-Mela' for her. There girls had planned a 'Pajama Party' for Kria where Swayam was asked by Sharon to take care of Rey as the venue was Rey's house. The boys crashed in the party in order to make Kria laugh but were caught by the girls and were asked to do 100 sit ups as punishment. While playing games, Kria had smelled tension between Swayam-Sharon and asked about it to Swayam to which he lied that all was good. He asked Sharon to say the same so that Kria was assured and tension free. This infuriated Sharon. Thinking of the happening taking place in Swayam-Sharon's life, Sharon got fed up and went back to her 'Diva' mode for Swayam. The gang had decide to do something different for her as it was her last day and as per Kria's wish, they organized a dinner at a 'Dhaba'. At the 'Dhaba' they came across a foreigner who as researching for Indian Culture & Dance to make a documentary. Learning about this, an idea struck into Rey's mind and he discussed it with the gang. The idea was to shoot a dance video which had Indian Culture & Tradition in it to impress the foreigner. Listening to Kria decided to stay back and help the team realize their dream coming true.

The next day, the whole gang sitting in the cafe, were thinking of how to execute their plan to which Swayam suggested to visit a village to get to the roots of their culture. Everyone was impressed and had accepted the idea except Sharon but later on she agreed. The whole team then goes to a village to participate in the village festival. They first have problems with the Sarpanch of the village but later impresses him. On the other hand Alok {son of Sarpanch} become too friendly with Sharon but does not have good intentions. Later Alok spikes the whole team's mouth freshment in order to get Sharon away from the group so that she is alone with him. He misbehaves with her but Swayam (who didn't eat the mouth freshment) comes on time and saves her. On the other hand Kria and Rey resolve their long time misunderstandings and ends up kissing each other which is recorded by a villager who is friends with Alok. When D3 team is about to leave the village, Alok brings in the whole village and the Sarpanch who all are angry with the Rey-Kria moment last night and are asked to get married there and then as a punishment and a lesson to everyone who repeat's the mistake. This comes to a shocker to the team and refuse to get married until they get to know the video camera in which they had recorded their dance was forgotten by Vicky back in the village and was caught hold by Alok. Rey finally accepts the condition only with an escape plan. Swayam had been assigned to get the camera from the clutches of Alok but Sharon insists on getting the camera as she holds herself responsible for the mishap happened. She tries to woo Alok and get in his house but Alok's intentions are to get Sharon on his bed. The boys and girls have thought the way to get out the problem and were waiting for Swayam-Sharon to get back soon with the camera. On the other hand Alok was forcing Sharon and Sharon trying to get way by shouting for help. Here enters Swayam to save Sharon from Alok, this is when Alok get frustrated and tries to beat on Swayam but stops when Swayam tells him that he had been recording his evil intentions all this while and would show this to the whole village. Alok has no choice left but to leave them both. Swayam-Sharon get the camera form him and lock him up in his own and prepare to leaves. There Rey and Kria reach the altar and the whole team is worried thinking about Rey-Kria getting married.Finally,Sharon and Swayam and they all run away and Kriya and Rey don't get married. Kriya is falling in love with Rey after their kiss. But rey doesn't want to love because he had his heart broken not once but twice.

Sharon asks V.P Sir to celebrate rose day and Swayam comes with a new student who is V.P. Sir's niece, Ruhi. Sharon is jealous after seeing that Ruhi is getting close to Swayam. Kriya asks rey and Ruhi asks Swayam to be her date on rose day. Sharon gets angry on knowing that Ruhi is Swayam's date. She chooses Vicky for her date. Sharon comes to know about Kriya's feelings for Rey. She tries to find that rey feels the same or not. She tells Kriya that rey feels same for her and she should propose him.On other side rey tells Swayam that he do not want to be in relationship with Kriya as his heart has broken twice.Kria and rey tell each other that they have something important to talk to each other. On the day in the morning Kriya gets ready thinking that rey is going to say the same thing.In the canteen Rey is thinking that he will have to clear all the misunderstandings between him and kria after the kiss. Finally they meet in the basketball court, Rey tells her that she is not more than a friend to him. Kriya is heartbroken and says the same that they are just friends hiding her emotions. Rey is happy to hear this and then leaves and Kriya sits down crying. Kria has to leave India as her visa has expired. Sharon comes to know that Ruhi wants to separate her and Swayam. It is Ruhi's fake birthday (excuse for spending time with Swayam)and invites him for dinner. sharon learns this and inquires from V.P Sir about her birthday and gets to know that its fake. Swayam goes to Ruhi's house and sharon foes to Swayam's searching him and calls Swayam and Ruhi to his house. Ruhi gets a surprise as sharon calls whole gang for her fake birthday and Ruhi's plan fails then Ruhi tries to get close to Swayam by posing provocatively in front of Swayam and even asking him to tie her necklace. Swayam is irritated by Ruhi. Sharon sees this and disrupts it by telling they should go out. Swayam is relieved. Swayam completely forgets Ruhi and dances all way with Sharon. Ruhi is jealous so she pretends falling down and having a sprain. She constantly keeps saying she won't be able to stay alone and wants to be with someone. She continuously looks at Swayam but Sharon cuts her off and says she will take her home where a family doctor of hers will "take care" of her. While at Sharon's home, the two of them have a showdown where Ruhi challenges Sharon to win back her love while she will use her "madness" and "obsession" to win Swayam. The next morning, Sharon snoops around Ruhi's bag and finds a medical prescription and hides it with herself to find out more about it.

On consulting her family doctor, researching on the internet and posing to be Ruhi's friend to her psychiatrist, Sharon manages to find out that Ruhi suffers from bipolar disorder. She tries to sympathise with Ruhi but is rudely rebuffed. At around the same time, the VP tells everyone that since St Louis is turning into a government college, there is no scope for the affiliation with the NY Dance Academy. The gang is shocked, especially after Kriya informs Swayam that her university has asked her to stay back in NYC. Rey comes up with a plan to hack the system and email NY Dance Academy that the affiliation is still on, and the gang sans Swayam supports him. When Swayam sees the rehearsal hall about to be torn down, he realises that maybe hacking into the system is the only way to make their dreams work. At the same time, Rey finally realises that he loves Kriya and has always been in love with her, and shares this with Swayam. He plans to fess up to Kriya when she returns.

On receiving the fake mail from St Louis, Kriya is asked to return to St Louis. Rey tries his best to meet her but she avoids him at all costs. At the same time, Sharon tries to tell Swayam about Ruhi's truth but he refuses to believe her, and Ruhi mocks her about it. She also takes back her prescription and threatens to reveal the truth about the hacking to the VP if Sharon tells Swayam about her disease. Sharon is in a quandary as to what to do. Rey and Kriya finally meet, and Rey acts all flustered around Kriya. Kriya is also told about the hacking incident by Rey and she agrees to support them.

Sharon tells Rey everything about Ruhi who promises to ensure that she does nothing to Swayam; but they're overheard by Ruhi herself. Rey confesses his love to Kriya who rejects him as she's not able to trust herself and fears she'll lose him as she's lost all those she ever loved. Sharon and Swayam plan out ways to reduce the budget of the musical, when Ruhi comes in and quietly threatens Sharon while Swayam is busy talking to someone. This adds up to Sharon's stress and she has an asthma attack. Swayam rushes to take care of her and also lands up informing Ruhi about her asthma. Swayam and Rey drop Sharon to her home, and the two have a conversation where Swayam assures Rey that Kriya loves him and he needs to make her trust in his love. Sharon is happy that things are progressing between her and Swayam.

Ruhi calls up Sharon and pretends to be apologetic about the past and threatens to commit suicide. Sharon convinces her to stall the suicide attempt and promises to meet her at the same moment. She tries to call Swayam to tell him but he doesn't pick up her call, so she rushes to a run-down warehouse. When she enters, she only has her phone on her and she realises Ruhi isn't inside. She tries to call Ruhi but there's no network, when Ruhi locks her in from outside, in an attempt to kill her. Unable to leave the place or call anyone, and stuck in a dusty room without food or water, she has another asthma attack and faints. The next morning, Rey and Swayam wonder about her whereabouts when they realise she's missing. While the gang + Ruhi discusses possibilities about Sharon's absence, Rey suspects Ruhi but doesn't say anything. They inform the VP who calls the cops who begin to investigate the matter. Rey suspects Ruhi, and hatches a plan with the rest of the gang.

As a part of the plan, Swayam informs Ruhi that they'll soon find Sharon by tracking the last position of her GPS. Ruhi is worried and goes off to the warehouse to find her and poison her to death, but Swayam follows her there. While Ruhi professes her undying love for Swayam, he quietly records what all she says, and also tries to placate her and stop her from poisoning Sharon. When she doesn't heed to his requests and poisons Sharon, he pushes her aside and declares his love for Sharon. As he is tending to Sharon, Ruhi takes an iron rod and is about to hit him when Rey and Kriya come and stop her. Swayam takes Sharon to the hospital while Kriya slaps her for her misdeeds. VP arrives with the medics and they tranquilise her.

In the hospital, Sharon is extremely critical and the doctor informs them that the poison has spread throughout her body. Swayam blames himself for not believing Sharon but trusting Ruhi and desperately wishes and prays for her speedy recovery. The gang arrives and is shocked at what all has happened. VP arrives too, and apologises to Swayam for not informing him and Sharon about Ruhi's mental illness. He informs everyone that Ruhi is in an asylum. The gang prays for Sharon's well being, and Kriya and Rey decide to become friends. Sharon nearly dies but miraculously comes back to life through Swayam's continuous persistence. She finally declares her love for Swayam in front of the entire gang, and the two finally reunite. The team then starts preparing for the musical, inorder to get the foreign affiliation, which they somehow get. Rey confronts his love to Kriya once again and this time Kriya too accepts her feelings and both finally become a couple. In the coming episodes, we see that the D3 team faces further problems related to affiliation and Rey gets suspended for misbehaving with the board of directors of St.Louis.


Main Leads[edit]

Supporting Cast[edit]

Season 2 Newcomers[edit]


(in order of appearances in the show)

  • Lavin Gothi as Shivam Dutta
  • Khushboo Grewal as Khushboo Meerchandani (Assistant Vice Principal)
  • Sehban Azim as Aditya Khurana (career manager of Reyansh "Rey" Singhania)
  • Sonal Vengurlekar as Ruhi( she falls in love with Swayam and causes rift between Sharon and Swayam, later admitted to mental hospital due to her bipolar disorder)
  • Raymon Singh as Avantika Rai Prakash (She is the mother of Sharon Rai Prakash)

Former Cast[edit]

(in order of their last appearance in the show)

  • Priyanka Soni as Rinni Shah (Dazzler)
  • Sneha Gupta as Aashi (Weakling, loved Swayam Shekhawat but knows the fact that he only loves Sharon Rai Prakash)
  • Jiten Lalwani as Mr.Shekhawat (father of Swayam Shekhawat and uncle of Taani Shekhawat)
  • Vrinda Dawda as Taani Shekhawat - Ex-Female Lead (sister of Swayam Shekhawat, former lover of Reyaansh "Rey" Singhania, fiancé of Vishesh)
  • Suchit Vikram Singh as Vishesh (fiancé of Taani)
  • Alisha Singh as Neha Kapoor (Weakling, former girlfriend of Vikramjeet "Vicky"Kalsi)
  • Vinti Idlani as Vishakha (Weakling)
  • Sneha Kapoor as Sharon Rai Prakash (Former)
  • Karan Singh Grover as Karan Malik (Visiting Professor)
  • Tarana Raja Kapoor as Smriti Ghai (Mother of Kriya Ghai)


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