Dil Dosti Dance

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Dil Dosti Dance
V D3 Dil Dosti Dance.jpg
Created by Palki Malhotra
Directed by Vikram Labhe/Aniruddha Rajderkar/Rajeev/Sahil/Sunith
Starring Kunwar Amarjeet Singh
Shakti Mohan
Shantanu Maheshwari
Vrushika Mehta
Theme music composer Lenin Nandi
Hriju Roy
Country of origin India
Original language(s) Hindi
No. of episodes 1044
Producer(s) Prem Kishan
Sunil Mehta
Editor(s) Prveen/Shadab
Location(s) Various
Running time 26 minutes average
Original channel Channel V India
Original run 11 April 2011 – 9 January 2015

Dil Dosti Dance was a dance-based fiction show that aired on Channel V India. It traces the journey of a group of young college students and their passion for dance. Along the journey, the characters face several other emotions, including friendship and love. The show premiered on 11 April 2011 and ended on 9 January 2015.


This shows deals with four young college friends—Reyansh Singhania, Kriya Ghai, Swayam Shekhawat and Sharon Rai Prakash—who experience friendship, love and their passion for dance. Kriya comes to Mumbai to pursue her dreams of becoming a dancer but her mother, Smriti Ghai opposes Kriya's dancing. After joining St.Louis college Kriya gets to know about dazzlers and weaklings. She is more shocked to find that the leader of dazzlers is Reyansh Singhania, the guy with whom she spent a night in jail in Dehradun due to some circumstances. She gets to know that weaklings are treated as inferior and are deprived of dancing. So she makes a team named weaklings. Firstly, a lot of competition arises between the two teams but eventually they come together and form the D3 gang. Further, as the story moves Kriya and Rey start to fall for each other and on other side Sharon and Swayam face the same. Rey proposes to Kria and she says yes however because of her mother she has to leave St. Louis and Rey. So in order to let Rey move on she lies to him by saying he means nothing to her. She had been using him for her own purposes. Rey is angry and leaves and Kriya leaves for New York. On other hand Sharon and Sway still are close friends but are not able to win each other's hearts.

As the story proceeds Swayam's sister named Taani entered the story, She gave him reason to dance again, smile again, in her company he become the old Rey again and Taani was in love with hm thus proposed him but rey who was suffering from heart break rejected her harshly which he regrets later then shivam entered again, seeing his closeness with taani he become jealous and possessive over her. after suffering lots of misunderstanding, pain and heart breaks Taani & Rey became TaaRey; They both fell for each other deeply, Taani became his angel of love whom he love more than anything, even he was ready to leave his dance for her, they both were happy in their lives, in being together when troubles hit the door, Rey wanted to her to become independent thus he did the fake break up drama, after taani come to know about the fake break she left the city where as he tried every possible way to stop her later Taani gets engaged to a guy named Vishesh leaving rey heart broken.

Kriya enters again and Rey and Kriya have endless fights however they do have feelings for each other. Eventually they stop fighting and become good friends. On the other hand a new character Ruhi enters the show and starts to feel for Swayam, but feels that Sharon is blocking her way so tries to kill her by poison. When Swayam takes Sharon to the hospital and saves her that is the time they both confess their love to each other. As all the team members had dreamt about dancing they hack the school account and send the New York Dance Academy an email about being interested in the affiliation. They perform a musical for achieving the affiliation and they do get it.

Now its time for Kriya to return to New York. However she stays in Mumbai as Rey proposed to her and confessed his love to her and so did she. Their fight begins when they read the contract about the affiliation and decide to open their own academy. They all struggle with a lot of difficulties which arise but they succeed. As Kriya during this time had an opportunity to work in a film, she, while dancing with Rey, gets severely injured and goes to New York for her treatment with Rey. She breaks up with him there. He tries to fulfill her dream of Dhoalgaon. When Kriya returns to Mumbai, she sees Rey in the same condition as she left him. Rey proposes to Kriya and she accepts. In between Sharon and Swayam had broken up because of Swayam's family. However they come together in the end. Finally, in the end it is a happy ending to Kriyaansh and Swaron and the D3 academy starts running in full force.


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The show itself "Dil Dosti Dance" Priyavi Shah, Harshee Adnani Nishtha Modi

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