Dil Ki Nazar Se Khoobsurat

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Dil Ki Nazar Se Khoobsurat
Written by Praveen Raj
Barry Dhillion
Sandiip Sikcand
Nidhi Singh
Garima Goyal
Dheeraj Sarna
Sharad tripathi
Directed by Sumeet H Mittal
Rohit Raj Goyal
Starring See Below
Country of origin India
Original language(s) Hindi
No. of seasons 01
Producer(s) Shashi Mittal
Sumeet H Mittal
Location(s) Jaipur
Cinematography Sudesh Kotian
Sunil Vishwakarma
Production company(s) Shashi Sumeet Productions
Original channel Sony Entertainment Television (India)
Picture format 576i (SDTV)
1080i (HDTV)
Original run February 25, 2013 – July 19, 2013
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Dil Ki Nazar Se Khoobsurat is a romantic drama series from Sony Entertainment Television (India).


The show explores the story of three different individuals; Aradhya, Rahul and Madhav. Aradhya is a pretty, naive, free willed girl who stays with her family and has been mollycoddled by her parents.She wants to marry a handsome charming good looking man. Contrary to her, Madhav is an introvert who suffers from a strong complex due to his ordinary, average looks whereas his best friend, Rahul is an extremely good looking man.Aradhya is in love with famous RJ in Jaipur RJ Ehsaas like many other girls because of his sweet voice.Nobody knows about how RJ Ehsaas looks.Madhav is RJ Ehsaas.Aradhya gets internship in Ehsaas's Radio Station as Aradhya wanted to find about Ehsaas.Madhav sees her and falls in love with her at first site. Because of series of misunderstandings Aradhya assumes Rahul as Ehsaas. Aradhya becomes happy because she assumes that Ehsaas is handsome, good looking. Rahul is Madhav's childhood best friend who lives in Madhav's house because his parents are dead.he is son of Madhav's father's friend.Madhav's father treats him like his own son.Madhav's mother is principal of Aradhya's college. Aradhya's parents bring marriage proposal of Aradhya for Rahul.Rahul agrees to marry Aradhya. But Rahul realises that Aradhya loves Ehsaas and she only wants to marry him because she thinks him as Ehsaas and after knowing about Madhav's love towards Aradhya he decides to get Madhav and Aradhya married.Madhav and Aradhya are tricked to get married.Aradhya at first doesn't accepts the marriage but after seeing Madhav's love and caring attitude she also starts falling for him.one day Aradhya confesses her love for Madhav and they consummate their marriage. Aradhya realizes Prerna's love towards Rahul and gets them married. Aradhya gets pregnant but nine months later she gives birth to dead baby. While Aradhya's delivery is going on Madhav goes to get medicines for Aradhya and meets with an accident and dies in hospital. Aradhya's doctor Shekhar did not reveals the truth to Aradhya. Meanwhile, Shekhar's wife was also in the same hospital and she dies.Shekhar decides to give his baby to Aradhya and decides to go away from Aradhya's life. The story takes 5 years leap, after that Aradhya is taking care of Madhav's radio station. Aradhya is parenting 5 year old son Ehsaas. Shekhar coincidently re-enters in Aradhya's life. After series of miscommunications Aradhya comes to know that Ehsaas is Shekhar's son and story ends with Shekhar and Aradhya's marriage.



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