Dill Mill Gayye

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Dill Mill Gayye.
Title Banner
Genre Medical drama
Romantic Comedy
Created by Palki Malhotra
Directed by Nissar Parvez, Amit Mallik, Aniruddh Rajderekar, and Rahul Agarwal
Starring See Below
Opening theme "Dill Mill Gayye" by Sonu Nigam & Prajakta Shukre
Country of origin India
Original language(s) Hindi
No. of episodes 721
Producer(s) Cinevistaas Limited
Running time approx. 25 minutes
Original channel STAR One
Picture format 576i (SDTV),
Original airing August 20, 2007 - October 29, 2010

Dill Mill Gayye (translation: Hearts Have Met) is an Indian soap medical drama series that aired on STAR One. It was a sequel to the Star Plus series Sanjivani - A Medical Boon (2002-2005).

Airing history[edit]

The show aired on STAR One on 20 August 2007, and ended on 29 October 2010.[1][2] It aired on Monday to Thursday at 8:30pm. Later its timing was Mon to Fri at 8pm.


Dill Mill Gayye follows the lives of surgical interns and resident doctors of Sanjeevani. Set in the backdrop of Sanjeevani Hospital, it deals with the pressures, drama, romance, inter personal relationships and humour in their lives.[3]

Season 1 (2007-2009)[edit]

The first season follows the lives of surgical interns and resident doctors of Sanjeevani. The show starts off with introduction of 5 interns Dr. Riddhima Gupta the protagonist who also happens to be Dr. Shashank's daughter from the prequel, Dr. Armaan Malik, Dr. Anjali Gupta, Dr. Atul Joshi, and Dr. Sapna Shah. Dr. Shashank continues to play an important role in this sequel of Sanjivani as the head of the hospital and father of Riddhima and Anjali. Armaan and Riddhima start to fall in love after a rough start, Atul falls in love with Anjali who is Riddhima's sister. Dr. Sapna Shah Gets Married and leaves Sanjeevani. Three new Interns Enter: Dr. Rahul Garewal, Dr. Muskaan Chadda, and Dr Nikita Malhotra. Muskaan and Rahul's family decided their marriage but they didn't agree. Muskaan falls for Armaan and Rahul falls for Riddhima. Nikita turns out to be Armaan's and Rahul's college friend. Later on Muskaan and Rahul fall in love however they break up due to difficulties. Nikita falls for Dr. Abhimanyu Modi a senior doctor. Season one ended on a cliffhanger showing Riddhima and Armaan getting shot in a shootout right after they get engaged and Abhimanyu's estranged wife Jiah returns.

Season 2 (2009-2010)[edit]

Season 2 starts off with 5 new interns Dr. Siddhant Modi, Dr. Yuvraj Oberoi, Dr. Naina Mehta, Dr. Tamanna Patil, Dr. Jitendra Prasad. Yuvraj and Naina fall for each other. Siddhant falls for Tammana, but Tammana makes Siddhant realize its nothing else than just a crush, and true love will come in his life. Tammana heads off to Canada with her fiance. Dr Riddhima returns back to Sanjeevni. Siddhant and Riddhima have a rough start but theu gradually becomes friends. Circumstances lead them to get Married. Riddhima tries to forget her past and move on with her life. They gradually started to fall in love. But on the other hand Armaan returns to Sanjeevani. This again leads to misunderstandings between Siddhant and Riddhima. But Siddhant and Riddhima decide to save their marriage. Naina and Yuvraj have a breakup. Yuvaraaj and Siddhant's sister Suvarna goes to U S, and a new intern Shilpa Malhothra who is Riddhima's half sister joins Sanjeevni. She and Armaan clash but soon start to like each other. Siddhant tries to help Armaan to move on in life by uniting Shilpa and Armaan. Siddhant and Riddhima decide to remarry. After the marriage the couple goes on their honeymoon. But their marriage is not successful and Siddhant decide to divorce Riddhima, becausse he finds out that she still loves Armaan. And at the end Dr. Armaan gets his true love Riddhima.


Role Actor Season(s)
Dr. Shashank Gupta Mohnish Behl (2007-2010) 1, 2
Dr. Armaan Malik Karan Singh Grover (2007–2010) 1, 2
Dr. Riddhima Gupta Shilpa Anand (2007–2008) 1
Sukirti Kandpal (2008-2009) 1
Jennifer Winget (2009–2010) 1, 2
Dr. Atul Joshi Pankit Thakker (2007–2010) 1, 2
Dr. Anjali Gupta Sunaina Gulia (2007–2010) 1, 2
Dr. Siddhant Modi Karan Wahi (2009–2010) 2
Dr. Kirti Mehra Rai Sonia Singh (2007–2010) 1, 2
Dr. Shubhankar Rai Ayaz Khan (2007–2010) 1, 2
Dr. Sapna Shah Muskaan Mihani (2007–2008) 1
Dr. Rahul Garewal Mayank Anand (2008–2009) 1
Dr. Muskaan Chadda Drashti Dhami (2008–2009) 1
Dr. Abhimanyu Modi Amit Tandon (2008–2010) 1, 2
Dr. Nikita Malhotra Shweta Gulati (2008–2010) 1, 2
Dr. Tamanna Patil Moulshree Sachdeva (2009) 2
Dr. Naina Mehta Neha Jhulka (2009–2010) 2
Dr. Yuvraj Oberoi Sehban Azim (2009–2010) 2
Dr. Jitendra Prasad Prasad Barve (2009–2010) 2
Dr. Jiah Modi Preeti Amin (2009) 2
Dr. Shilpa Malhotra Shilpa Anand (2010) 2
Dr. Suvarna Modi Madhura Naik (2010) 2
Dr. Yuvraj Singh Barun Sobti (2010) 2
Padma Bansal Gupta Shilpa Tulaskar(2007–2008) 1
Ekta Sohini (2009–2010) 1, 2
Nani Vinita Malik (2007–2009) 1
Ananya 'Annie' Mallik Meher Acharia Dar (2009) 1
Minnie Swini Khara (2007, 2009) 1
Jignesh 'Jiggy' Karan Paranjpe (2009–2010) 2
Balvinder 'Billy' Mallik Aashif Sheikh (2009–2010) 2
Bubbly Roopal Tyagi (2009–2010) 1
Tamanna Ishita Panchal (2010) 2

Note: Dr. Riddhima Gupta was portrayed by three actresses. Shilpa Anand, who was the first one to portray Riddhima in season 1, returned in season 2 to play Dr. Shilpa Malhotra.


  • Dill Mill Gayye- Title Track Sung by Sonu Nigam (Indian singer) and Prajakta Shukre (Contestant of Indian Idol 1)
  • Dill Mill Gayye- Sad Track Sung by Sonu Nigam
  • Asmaani Rang Ho Composed by Pranit/(Female version )- Sung by Aishwarya Majumdar(Contestant and winner of SVOI Chhote Ustad)
  • Asmaani Rang Ho Composed by Pranit (Male)- Sung by Ali Haider
  • Asmaani Rang Ho Lyrics by Pranit
  • Ishq Leta Hain Kaise Imtehaan (Armaan and Riddhima's tune)
  • Dill Mill Gayye 'Kaisa Hain Yeh Khumar'
  • Saajnaa (Armaan-Shilpa Tune)



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