Dill Mill Gayye

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Dill Mill Gayye.
Title Banner
Genre Medical drama
Romantic Comedy
Created by Palki Malhotra
Directed by Nissar Parvez, Amit Mallik, Aniruddh Rajderekar, and Rahul Agarwal
Starring See Below
Opening theme "Dill Mill Gayye" by Sonu Nigam & Prajakta Shukre
Country of origin India
Original language(s) Hindi
No. of episodes 721
Producer(s) Cinevistaas Limited
Running time approx. 25 minutes
Original channel STAR One
Picture format 576i (SDTV),
Original airing August 20, 2007 - October 29, 2010

Dill Mill Gayye (translation: Hearts Have Met) is an Indian soap medical drama series that aired on STAR One.

Airing history[edit]

It aired on STAR One on 20 August 2007, and ended on 29th October 2010.[1][2] It aired on Monday to Thursday at 8:30pm. Later its timing was mon to fri at 8pm.


Dill Mill Gayye follows the lives of surgical interns and resident doctors of Sanjeevani. Set in the backdrop of Sanjeevani Hospital, it deals with the pressures, drama, romance, inter personal relationships and humour in their lives.

Doctors Armaan and Riddhima meet in the basketball court outside Sanjeevani and have a basketball match. Doctor Anjali, Doctors Atul and Supna join them in Sanjeevani. After a rather rough start, Armaan falls in love with Riddhima after getting lost with her in a jungle. Gradually, Riddhima falls for Armaan. However, she hides it and avoids him. When Riddhima's sister Dr. Anjali realizes that Armaan has feelings for her sister, she gets jealous and bets Armaan that he can never make Riddhima fall in love with him. This makes Armaan furious and he accepts her bet. Soon, his actions leave Riddhima thinking that he loves her. On the day of the Dandiya festival, they dance together. Anjali realizes that her sister is in love, concedes the bet and tells him to stop playing with Riddhima's feelings. Riddhima overhears their conversation and is hurt. Armaan tries to tell her that he loves her, but she does not listen and leaves.

The next day at the hospital, Armaan tries to talk to Riddhima, but Riddhima scolds him for playing with her feelings. Armaan keeps on asking for her forgiveness, but she refuses to listen. When they both save a patient's life, Riddhima accepts Armaan's proposal of friendship, but tells him that their relationship should not go further.

After about 3–4 months of friendship, Riddhima's feelings for Armaan erupt again, though she again hides them. Two new interns Dr. Muskkan and Dr. Rahul appear, initially in conflict, but later falling in love. One day Armaan has a bike race with Rahul. During the race Armaan is badly injured. When Riddhima finds out, she runs towards the hospital in tears Gupta tells her to treat Armaan. She stays the night in his room to take care of him. When Armaan wakes up, Atul tells him how Riddhima cared for him. Armaan asks Riddhima why she is so concerned, but she does not answer. On New Year's Eve, he finds Riddhima on the hospital roof and tells her that he knows that she loves him. Riddhima tears up and runs. Armaan returns to work, but starts bleeding and Riddhima helps him. She starts to cry and expresses her love. They hug and agree to stay together, but still fight with each other. They then convince Riddhima's father Dr. Shashank to accept their relationship.

After a big fight with Riddhima, Armaan tries to leave but instead meets a major car accident. The accident causes Armaan to have partial amnesia where he forgets two years of his life. This includes what he learned in the two years of his internship, his friendships and most importantly, his love for Riddhima. Riddhima is devastated and tries to make Armaan love her again, to no avail. During this time, Rahul leaves as he cannot become a father. At his farewell party, Riddhima becomes drunk and almost confesses her love for Armaan. She eventually tells Armaan about their love when Armaan attempts suicide to find out who 'Basket' (Riddhima) is. Slowly, Armaan falls in love with her again and proposes to her.

On their engagement day, they see a couple who come to their hospital wounded and they ask them what happened. The couple tells them that they love each other, but their parents are against their marriage and wanted to kill them. Hearing this, Armaan and Riddhima decide to help the couple. Soon the couple's parents arrive and start shooting at the couple. Riddhima takes a bullet heading for Armaan. Armaan goes into shock. Riddhima falls on him and his head hits the glass table. They both become unconscious and their story ends.

The next season introduces Dr. Siddhant, Dr. Yuvi, Dr. Tamanna and Dr. Naina in parallel failed love stories. Tamanna tells Siddhant that she loves him, but cannot marry him due to her personal problems. Naina tells Yuvi that she cannot marry him due to her problems. On the day Tamanna leaves, Siddant comes face to face with Riddhima in the airport. Riddhima finds him immature and scolds him. Soon, she arrives at Sanjivani and is reminded of Armaan. She then cries saying that doctors told Armaan that she might not be able to walk again, and he leaves her. However, later Riddhima learns that Armaan knew that his mind was failing. He made Shashank promise to never reveal his condition. She begins to search for Armaan with Sid. They find him, but when they are about to meet she faints from cold. Sid takes her to where they were staying. Sid finds that Riddhima is dying with cold, so he shares his body heat. Awaking, Riddhima says that Sid used her. Ashamed she decides not to see Armaan. When the situation is revealed to Riddhima's father, he asks Riddhima to marry Sid. She refuses, but her parents force her. After marriage, Sid ill-treats her. They are about to divorce until Shashank falls ill and asks them to go to honeymoon. After this, they start to accept each other.

Armaan reappears and leaves Riddhima astonished. Armaan is shattered by their marriage. Shashank asks him to stay so that Riddhima can start her new life happily. Although, heartbroken, he does everything possible to save Sid and Riddhima's marriage. Sid and Riddhima renew their vows and go for their honeymoon. Armaan follows them, still unable to get her out of his mind. On the supposed night of Sid and Riddhima's consummation, Armaan enters Riddhima's honeymoon suite in Sid's absence. Riddhima almost gives in to him, but then runs. Armaan unsuccessfully pressures her to divorce Sid.

During this time, a new intern, Dr. Shilpa comes to Sanjeevani. Her main goal is to reunite with Riddhima, who is her elder sister. However, there is a lot of friction between her and Riddhima. She also meets Dr. Armaan, who she fooled into destroying hotel property and sending him to jail. Slowly, she begins to fall in love with Armaan. When she finds out about Armaan and Riddhima's relationship, she is heartbroken. She tries her best to move on but eventually leaves, seeing there is no hope for Armaan reciprocating her feelings. Armaan is saddened by Shilpa's departure but is also surprised on how Shilpa fell in love with him.

In the hospital ICU an oxygen cylinder bursts. To save a patient one of them has to close a valve. Sid volunteers, but Armaan overrides him. A nurse is lying unconscious, so Armaan gives his oxygen mask to her. To stop the flow of oxygen, he inhales the oxygen and falls unconscious. Riddhima tells Armaan he is hers and that Sid is her responsibility, not her love . Sid overhears it and decides to divorce her.

Riddhima decides go to Harvard to avoid Armaan. Armaan also gives up. On the night of Riddhima's farewell party, Shashank makes Armaan realise how much Riddhima actually loves him. Armaan proposes and she accepts. Sid wishes them well and the season ends with the gang singing "Hum to chale thay dost ban ke, jane kaha dill mill gayye".


Actor Role
Karan Singh Grover Dr. Armaan Mallik
Shilpa Anand
Sukirti Kandpal
Jennifer Winget
Dr. Riddhima Gupta
Karan Wahi Dr. Siddhant Modi
Amit Tandon Dr. Abhimanyu Modi
Shweta Gulati Dr. Nikita Malhotra
Drashti Dhami Dr. Muskaan Chadda
Sunaina Gulia Dr. Anjali Gupta
Pankit Thakker Dr. Atul Joshi
Muskaan Mihani Dr. Sapna Shah
Mayank Anand Dr. Rahul Garewal
Sonia Singh Dr. Kirti Mehra
Ayaz Khan Dr. Shubhankar Rai
Mohnish Bahl Dr. Shashank Gupta
Shilpa Tulaskar
Ekta Sohini
Padma Bansal Gupta
Barun Sobti Dr.Yuvraj Singh
Madhura Naik Suvarna Modi
Neha Jhulka Dr Naina Mehta
Sehban Azim Dr Yuvraaj
Shilpa Anand Dr Shilpa
Prasad Barve Jitendra Prasad
Karan Paranjpe Jiggy
Moulshree Sachdeva Dr.Tamana Patil
Shah Rukh Khan Peon

Dill Mill Gayye soundtrack[edit]

  • Dill Mill Gayye- Title Track Sung by Sonu Nigam (Indian singer) and Prajakta Shukre (Contestant of Indian Idol 1)
  • Dill Mill Gayye- Sad Track Sung by Sonu Nigam
  • Asmaani Rang Ho Composed by Pranit/(Female version )- Sung by Aishwarya Majumdar(Contestant and winner of SVOI Chhote Ustad)
  • Asmaani Rang Ho Composed by Pranit (Male)- Sung by Ali Haider
  • Asmaani Rang Ho Lyrics by Pranit
  • Ishq Leta Hain Kaise Imtehaan (Armaan and Riddhima's tune)
  • Dill Mill Gayye 'Kaisa Hain Yeh Khumar'
  • Saajnaa (Armaan-Shilpa Tune)



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