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Lupe Fiasco performing at Dillo Day 2007.

Dillo Day is an annual all-day music festival at Northwestern University that takes place on the last Saturday of May at the Lakefill. Begun in 1972, it is organized by the Mayfest student group and is the largest completely student-run festival of its kind.


The contemporary armadillo day has its roots in May Day, or Mayfete. Mayfete was a time when students would celebrate the "renunciation of the May Queen of the temporal world for a spiritual one," according to a 1951 history of the event. Although little is known about the early days, May Day was originally a celebration of the women of Northwestern. The crowning of the May Queen was the central event, and the pomp included a Maypole dance and cotillion. May Day expanded to May Week in 1946 to accommodate a women's sing, men's sing, and an honors ceremony. Ultimately this event evolved into a month long celebration known as Mayfest which includes the event known today as "Dillo Day."

Armadillo Day began in 1972 when Northwestern students from Texas held a small celebration in honor of the armadillo. More than 25 years later, "Dillo Day" is the culmination of Mayfest with an all-day Saturday event on the lakefront featuring national and locally known bands, games and vendors. Northwestern University lists Dillo Day as one of its most notable traditions.[1]

2014-15 Lineup[edit]


  • TBA


IndieU Stage[6] presented by WNUR[7]

  • Tink
  • The GTW
  • Sirr Tmo
  • Teen Witch Fan Club

Past Acts[edit]

2013 [8]

2012 [8]

2011 [9]

2010 [10]

2009 [11]

2008 [12]

Past headlining bands include The Roots, Cake, and Lupe Fiasco in 2007, and Robert Randolph and the Family Band and Ben Folds in 2006. Performers from previous years include George Clinton, Yellowman, Third World, The Wailers, The Crystal Method, Outkast, and Bela Fleck and the Flecktones.[11]


Jay Pridmore writes, "'Dillo Day was an exultation of music and art, a moment 'when the freaks come out and mingle with the preppies,' as The "Daily put it. Freedom from authority was key: The chief of the Northwestern police force was the star attraction in a dunking booth in 1974." He quotes The Daily Northwestern columnist Kathy Castillon in 1988, "Armadillo Day is the one time many future-minded career-conscious yuppies-in-training throw caution (and the results of future drug tests) to the wind and live for the moment."[13]

Stephen Colbert also mentioned Dillo Day at his 2011 Northwestern University commencement speech (Northwestern is Colbert's alma mater, where he was a theater major in the 1980s).[14]


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