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For the soccer player, see Dimitar Dimov (footballer).

Dimitar Todorov Dimov (Bulgarian: Димитър Тодоров Димов, 25 June 1909 – 1 April 1966) was a Bulgarian dramatist, novelist, and veterinary surgeon.


Born in Lovech, he is best known for his best-selling novel Tobacco (Bulgarian: Тютюн, translit. Tyutyun), which was made into the 1962 film Tobacco, directed by Nikola Korabov. Dimov was forced to revise Tobacco to make it acceptable from the viewpoint of socialist realism by adding Communists and working-class characters.

Other novels authored by Dimov are Lieutenant Benz and Doomed Souls. His plays included Holiday in Arko Iris and Women with a Past.[1]

Dimov died in Bucharest, Romania. There is a bust of Dimov in the Borisova gradina park behind the Vasil Levski National Stadium in Sofia. His daughter, Theodora Dimova, is also a writer.[2] In addition, a number of elementary schools across Bulgaria are named in his honor (particularly in Lovech, his hometown, and in Plovdiv).


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