Dimitrios Deligeorgis

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Dimitrios Deligeorgis
Δημήτριος Δεληγεώργης
Born 1785
Died 1860 (aged 74–75)
Athens, Flag of Greece Greece
Nationality Flag of Greece Greek
Occupation navy leader

Dimitrios (Mitros) Deligeorgis (Greek: Δημήτριος Δεληγεώργης, 1785–1860) was a Greek aristocrat turned revolutionary and politician during the Greek War of Independence.


Before the revolution, Deligeorgis was a writer for Ali Pasha, during which he wrote under the name Deligeorgopoulos or Deligiorgopoulos. When the War of Independence broke out in 1821, he was in Preveza. Shortly after, Deligeorgis was invited by the current administration as a man of Missolonghi in order to incorporate himself into the stocking of the central rule.

During the revolutionary war, Deligeorgis had his own military body which costed him a large part of his main estate. He appointed himself as the fort leader of Missolongi and looked—hopefully—forward to a career with the central authority. Deligeorgis also ran an exit in the city, that was—for some—a necessity to survive. After the revolution and the creation of the kingdom, Deligeorgis made—by his estimation—several contacts with the courtyard and with King Otto. Deligeorgis was elected to the Members of Parliament, representing Messplongi in 1845. Deligeorgis and his son Epaminondas eventually recovered the Ministry. Epaminondas had ended his estrangement with his father, from which they both moved forward and took in the King Otto favored Parliament. As fruitful a military man Deligeorgis was, he was only able to achieve the mark of the colonel of a phalanx. He remained a fort leader in Bourtzi in Nafplio and in 1854 became a gendarmery.

Deligeorgis owned several important estates, one of which he received from his wife's dowry. Deligeorgis had an assigner from the government in order to protect his property from eminent domain during the war of independence.

Deligeorgis was married to Hrissaido Benedettou (1785-1860), who came from a prosperous family. Deligeorgis and his wife had five children. Their daughter Pinelopi married doctor Athanassios Drossinis from Missolongi (b. 1885), and unfortunately died childless. Maria married Filaretos, Themistoklis (1836-?), who took care of his father's property. Leonidas was a prominent politician and Epaminondas became a prime minister of Greece. The painter Dionyssios Tsokos made a portrait of Deligeorgis.


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