Din of Ecstasy Records

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Din Of Ecstasy Records
Founded 2007
Founder Jinder
Status Active
Genre Folk, roots music, blues
Country of origin United Kingdom
Location Bridport

Din Of Ecstasy Records is an independent record label based in Bridport, England. The label was originally founded by singer-songwriter Jinder in 2007, and began releasing music in 2009, following the end of Jinder's contract with Arista/Sony BMG. The first release to bear the Din Of Ecstasy banner was Jinder's 2009 album 'Nine Cents From Benelux', which will be followed in the Summer of 2011 by a full re-release campaign of Jinder's back catalogue, along with new releases from Kingsize Blackfoot and P.R. Dewhurst.

Past and present artists on Din Of Ecstasy include singer-songwriter and label founder Jinder, acoustic artist P.R. Dewhurst, blues artist Kingsize Blackfoot and folk duo The Bearded Ladies.

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