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For the tehsil, see Dina Tehsil.
Immigirant city
Dina City
Dina pakistan picture.jpg
Dina is located in Pakistan
Coordinates: 33°01′42″N 73°36′04″E / 33.02833°N 73.60111°E / 33.02833; 73.60111
Country  Pakistan
Province Punjab
District Jhelum District
Tehsil Dina Tehsil
 • Total 140 km2 (50 sq mi)
Elevation 1,250 m (4,100 ft)
Population (1998)
 • Total 37,000
 • Estimate (2008) 620,000
Time zone PST (UTC+5)
Calling code 0544
Number of Union councils 2

Dina (Urdu: دینہ‎) is a rapidly expanding commercial town in the Jhelum District of the province of Punjab, Pakistan. It is about 10 miles (16 km) northwest of Jhelum City, where there is a junction with the road to the Mangla Dam and Rohtas Fort. The historic Grand Trunk Road passes through the centre of the town. A small industry exists in the city including wood industry, iron industry and marble industry outside from the city. The main source of income of residents of city is foreign income. As a large number of citizens of city are settled in abroad. It is estimated that about 60 percent of people are in foreign countries. Second main source of income is jobs in Pakistan Military. The source of income in surrounding villages is agriculture.


In 1977, a municipal committee was established at Dina, but the town's status was changed to an administrative subdivision or tehsil of Jhelum District.TMA is working as administrator. The town is divided into 2 Union councils, UC 23 and UC 24.UC-23 consist of eastern side of Mangla road till Hadali and also Mohalla Muftian.and Mohalla Sheikhan UC-24 consists of western side of Mangla Road and Domeli mohalla.


The town is located at 33°1'60N 73°35'60E and has an altitude of 275 metres (905 ft)[1] and has an area of about 21,880 acres (88.5 km2).

Tribes and clans[edit]

The Jatts also known as Jatoi a great Baloch tribes have the main control over the political activities and they occupy the maximum land of Dina city. The Mughals (a vital tribe), are also settle here in a large number. They are doing Gov Jobs , Business and Jobs in overseas. (after descending of Mughal state they came here from different parts of Mughal Sultanat, Kashmir and Afganistan)and main population of Sheikh The principal tribes are sarwani, Mughals, Jatts, Gujjars, Butts, Awan, Bhatti, Chauhans & Janjua Rajputs. Kashmiri based tribes are also settled due to close proximity with Mirpur


City Dina mainly consists of following mohallas.

  • Mir Street behind Alkaram Hospital
  • mujahid street near NBP BANK
  • Muftian
  • Mohalla Nawab Pura
  • Theekrian
  • Data Road
  • Royal Street
  • Domeli Mohalla
  • Khalilabad Mohallaha
  • Station Mohallaha
  • Naya Mohallaha
  • Noor Mohalla
  • Islam Pura Mohallaha
  • Miana Mohalla
  • Mohalla Masoom Shah
  • Iqbal Town
  • Liaqat Town
  • Quaid e Azam Town
  • Mughal abad
  • New Jhang
  • Hadali
  • Hadala Syedan
  • Kiani Street
  • Muhalla Bashirabad
  • Madukalas
 mohallah Sheikhan


  • Afghanabad
  • Ayub Abad
  • Bara gurma
  • Burha jungle sharif
  • Baghaan
  • Boharian
  • Chak Abdul Khaliq
  • Chak Akah
  • Chahmala
  • Channi Gujran
  • Chakyam
  • Chak Daria
  • Chak Hafizan
  • Chakalmas
  • Chahkoa
  • Dhadhowal
  • Dhall Rayan
  • Dhowal
  • Dhok Awan
  • Dhoke Moka
  • Dhok Padhal
  • Dhok Ranga
  • Dhok Khokher
  • Gaggar Khurd
  • Gaggar klan
  • Gangal
  • Hari
  • Haral
  • Hadali
  • Dehri Klan
  • Bharatta
  • kalwantpur
  • Dhaniala
  • Kurlan
  • Khojaki
  • Khukha
  • Kotyam
  • Kotli
  • Maldev
  • Mehtah
  • Mehsiaan
  • Mohal (new rohtas road)
  • Mota Gharbi
  • Miana Chak
  • Muftian
  • Bair Faqiran (Green Hills Village)
  • Nakki
  • Nakodar
  • Natain
  • Pandori
  • PirShah Wason
  • Pir Bhachar Sharif
  • Pind Jata
  • Rattial
  • Rehana
  • Rohtas
  • Said Husain
  • Sagri
  • Tamma Ajaib
  • Teenpura (Upper & Lower)
  • Hadali
  • Rehana Monda
  • Kaluwal
  • Behrampur-Rohtas road
  • New Jhung


City is large number of students come from surrounding villages. There are a number of primary,secondary and higher secondary schools, College and Academies established from both government and private sector.


Main Government & private cot. College for women Dina,Govt. College for Boys Dina, Govt. Higher Secondary School for Boys Dina, Govt. Higher Secondary School for Girls Dina, Raheel College for Girls, Raheel College for Boys, ILM college for girls, Radiant College, Al-Anwar College and Modern Youth College.


Main Government & private schools of the city are , Govt. Higher Secondary School for Boys Dina (Largest Govt. School of Town) , Govt. Higher Secondary School for Girls Dina , Govt. Model High School for Boys Dina , Govt. High School for Girls Main Bazar Dina , Fouji Foundation School , Raheel Higher Secondary School for Boys & Girls (Largest private school of town) , Allied School , Air Foundation School , PCS School System , The Educator , Dar-e-Arqam School , The knowledge School System , Farabi Foundation School , Innocent Angles School Chak Almas , Reformer School System(Mangla road and GT Road)♥


Panoramic view of the Dina City Side 1
Panoramic view of the Dina City Side 2

File:Village Rehana Monda


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Coordinates: 33°01′42″N 73°36′04″E / 33.02833°N 73.60111°E / 33.02833; 73.60111