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Dindayalpur is a village situated in Siwan district of Bihar state, India. The same district where 1st President of India Dr. Rajendra Prasad was born. Dindayalpur has village code 0021 in subdistrict 008.[1]


The global location of Dindayalpur is between 26°22'3"N and 84°49'11"E longitudes. It is situated 14 km to the district headquarters and 12 km to another historical place called Hathwa.


It has a population of 11234 as per census 2011.


It is a historical place and has produced number of freedom fighters, I.A.S. officers, doctors, engineers and software developers.[original research?]


A government high school, inter college, a middle school, 6 primary schools, 3 coaching institutes and a library are in the village.

Financial and public institutions[edit]

Punjab National Bank has a branch situated in Dindayalpur.State Bank Of India is alo situated.[2]


Ram Janki Mandir in Dindayalpur is one of the biggest temple in the area which attracts crowd from surrounding villages during Mela seasons.[citation needed]


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