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For the song by the Beach Boys, see Love You (album).
Native name 丁当
Born 吴娴
(1983-04-17) 17 April 1983 (age 31)
Jiaxing, Zhejiang, China
Nationality  People's Republic of China
Occupation Singer
Employer B'in Music Co. Ltd
Notable work(s) I love him
Why did you lie
I'm a little bird
B'in Music

Della (simplified Chinese:丁当, born 17 April 1982) is a Mainland Chinese female singer who develops career by herself in Taiwan. She left home at 18 years old to pursue a singing career. She was signed by Rock Records (a famous record company in Taiwan, established in 1980) in 2003. In 2006, she became a member of the B’in Music company (simplified Chinese: 相信音乐, another famous record company which was established in 2006). She released her debut album in 2007 and has then released five more albums. Due to her exceptional singing capabilities, she is highly regarded both in Mainland and Taiwan.

Life and career[edit]

Della was born on 17 April in 1982 in Zhejiang province. She graduated from the fourth high school in Jiashan County in 1998. In the first year in junior high school, Della won the first prize in the singing contest, and her singing marks were always 95 every year. Della was interested in singing when she was a student and she always attended the annual New Year's Day Arts Festival. She was not only fond of pop music, but also adhered to sing pop songs. After graduating from junior high school, recommended by her first music teacher, Della joined a band established by the then County Children's Palace of Youth Song and Dance music lovers, and then she started performing on the stage.

Della decided to leave home to seek chances for her music dream in 1999 on her own with a shoulder bag. After she left home, she had been singing in different cabarets in Huzhou, Ningbo and somewhere else because of her love of music. Two years later, she got a relatively job as a singer in the World Trade Center Bar in Hangzhou, and she spent many time working there to experience all ups and downs throughout her life. Fortunately, in 2003, Della was chosen by the Rock Records and therefore turned her dream into reality.

In 2006, Della became a member of the B’in Music Company after the audition within eight seconds. There are many superstars in the B’in Music Company, such as Mayday (五月天), Fish Leong (梁静茹), Victor Wong (品冠) and so on. Della also accelerated lots of popularity by her efforts. From 2009 until today, she had released five albums because of a tension in her voice. Regardless of dance music or love songs, she can sing very well with ease. In 2009, her famous song “I love him” became the winner in the "Taiwan KTV year-on-demand title".

Music Works[edit]

Famous Songs[edit]

1. Unable To Guess 5. Be My Folk 9. I'm a Little Bird
2. I Love Him 6. Company You Peacefully 10. Feel Alone for the Last Time
3. Onion 7. Four Leaf Clover 11. Loved You
4. Why You Lie 8. One Half 12. Fireworks

Five Albums[edit]

1st Album - Run Away From Home[edit]

The theme of the album: People can live without love, but they can’t live without pursuit. At eighteen years old, they are so young that we can be stubborn to fight for their dreams. They are youths’ rights to be energetic, to be brave, to be stubborn.

English Chinese
1. Run Away From Home 离家出走
2. Yes or No 可以不可以
3. I Got It 明白
4. There Is No Answer To Love 爱情没有答案
5. Replacement 代替
6. Freedom 自由
7. Double Butterflies 双飞
8. White Snake 白蛇
9. Explore Towards Inner Hearter 往心里探索
10. Cheer You Up 讨你欢心

2nd Album - Decisively Loved[edit]

The theme of the album: When a girl fell in love with a boy, she would be invincible and brave enough to bear others’ misunderstanding. She would not care any more if the whole world couldn’t support her. That’s her enduring love.

English Chinese
1. One I Loved 我爱上的
2. Four Leaf Clover 幸运草
3. Flashlight 闪光灯
4. Put On Air 耍大牌
5. Unable To Guess 猜不透
6. I Am Not Scared 我不怕
7. Obsessed 走火入魔
8. The Apple 苹果光
9. You Wish! 想得美
10. Stone 石头

3rd Album - Night Cat[edit]

The theme of the album: She loves him, but her future is no longer about him. After the last light of the city has been closed, she tells herself: you have to be brave.

English Chinese
1. Fireworks(Ft. Ashin 陳信宏) 花火
2. I Love Him 我爱他
3. Why Did You Lie 你为什么说谎
4. Night Cat 夜猫
5. Suddenlly I Want To Love You 突然想爱你
6. He Said You're Useless 他说你没用
7. It's Alright If the Whole World Can't Understand 全世界不懂无所谓
8. Be My Folk 亲人
9. Half 半带电
10. What a Pity 可惜了
11. Growing Up 长大

4th Album - Fu Good, 下一站天后[edit]

Part 1[edit]
English Chinese
1. I'm a Little Bird 我是一只小小鸟
2. Meet at the Airport at 10:30 飞机场的10:30
3. Kiss Goodbye 吻别
4. Say Goodbye 分手吧
5. Onion 洋葱
6. Come To You From Long Way By Hard 飘洋过海来看你
7. More Than Friends 不只是朋友
8. Crazy In Love 疯狂地爱
9. The Sea 大海
10. I Will Always Love You 我永远爱你
Part 2[edit]
English Chinese
1. Fu Good
2. Unable To Guess 猜不透
3. I Love Him 我爱他
4. Why Did You Lie 你为什么说谎
5. Yes or No 可以不可以
6. I'm Not Scared 我不怕
7. Run Away From Home 离家出走
8. I Got It 明白
9. Fireworks(Ft. Ashin 陳信宏) 花火
10. One I Loved 我爱上的

The fifth album-<Future Melody>[edit]

English Chinese
1. poikilotherm 冷血动物
2. One Half 一半
3. Future Melody 未来的情人
4. Feel Alone for the Last Time 最后一次寂寞
5. More Love, Less Anger 多爱少怪
6. Oh, My god 踹来共
7. Forgive You 想原谅
8. Love You So Much 很爱过
9. Symphony 交响乐
10. Symphony In Dream 梦交响
11. Back-up 备份

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