Ding Guanpeng

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Ding Guanpeng, The Feng City portion of Chang An during the time of Liu Bang at the start of the Han Dynasty

Ding Guanpeng (simplified Chinese: 丁观鹏; traditional Chinese: 丁觀鵬; pinyin: Dīng Guānpéng; Wade–Giles: Ting Kuan-p'eng) (active 1708-1771) was a famed Chinese painter who lived during the Qing Dynasty.

A native of Beijing, he was active from Kangxi's later years to middle of Qianlong's years. At one point he studied oil painting under Giuseppe Castiglione.[1] He was noted for painting people and landscapes.[2] He spent about 50 years in the Palace Painting Academy and drew nearly 200 pieces.


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