Dinka (grape)

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Grape (Vitis)
Color of berry skin Rose
Species Vitis vinifera
Also called Kövidinka and other synonyms
Origin Hungary

Dinka or Kövidinka is a white Hungarian wine grape grape. There is also significant plantings near the Hungarian border in Slovenia, Croatia and Serbia.[1]


Dinka is also known under the synonyms Bakar, Chtein Chiler, Crvena Dinka, Crvena Ruzica, Dinka Crvena, Dinka Mala, Dinka Rouge, Fleichstraube, Fleischtraube, Hajnalpiros, Kamena Dinka, Kamenoruziak Cerveny, Kamenoruzijak Cerveni, Kevidinka, Kövidinka, Kövidinka Rose, Kövidinka Rosovaia, Kövis Dinka, Kovidinka, Kovidinka Rose, Kovidinka Rozovaya, Kubinyi, Mala Dinka, Pankota, Pirca Voeroes, Piros Koevidinka, Raisin de Rose, Rosentraube, Roujitsa, Rusica, Ruzhitsa, Ruzica, Ruzica Crvena, Ruzike Cervena, Ruzsica, Ruzsitza, Schiller, Shtein Shiller, Sremska Ruzica, Steinschiller, Steinschiller Rother, Steinschiller Roz, Vörös Dinka, Vorosz Dinka, Werschätzer, and Werschatzer.[2]


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