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For the grain crop, see Spelt.
Rivier de Dinkel.jpg
The Dinkel near Losser
Origin North Rhine-Westphalia
51°59′12″N 7°07′44″E / 51.98667°N 7.12889°E / 51.98667; 7.12889
Mouth Vechte
52°30′26″N 6°57′47″E / 52.50722°N 6.96306°E / 52.50722; 6.96306Coordinates: 52°30′26″N 6°57′47″E / 52.50722°N 6.96306°E / 52.50722; 6.96306
Basin countries Germany, Netherlands
Length 93 km
Source elevation 80 m
Basin area 650 km²

The Dinkel is a river in Germany and the Netherlands, left tributary of the Vecht. Its total length is 93 km, of which 47 km in Germany. The Dinkel originates in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany, between Ahaus and Coesfeld. It flows north to Gronau, crosses the border with the Netherlands (Overijssel), flows through Denekamp, and recrosses the border to Germany (Lower Saxony). The Dinkel joins the Vecht in Neuenhaus.