Dinosaur World (video game)

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Dinosaur World
Developer(s) Asylum Entertainment
Publisher(s) BBC
Platform(s) PC Windows
Release date(s) 2002
Genre(s) Life Simulation
Mode(s) Single player

Dinosaur World is a freeware video game developed by Asylum Entertainment and published by the BBC. It is a spin-off of Episode 2 of Walking with Dinosaurs ("Time of the Titans") and the special The Ballad of Big Al. The main point of the game is to find all the animals and plants, including several location features, that are distributed in five different zones.


The game starts in the beginnings of a dry season at the 'Mossy Plain', where are some adult Diplodocus and Araucaria trees, with the presence of a single dragonfly. From this zone you can go to the 'Desert', to the 'Forest' or to the 'Dry Riverbed' mountain. In the Desert, which is rich in cycads, you'll find a pair of pterosaurs flying, some adolescent Diplodocus that are chased by Al (the Allosaurus from The Ballad of Big Al), who usually kills the smaller one, but is rare that he doesn't, and then later tries to attack one of the larger Diplodocus, but fails to kill it, and Al dies of his injuries. To the south, two Stegosaurus (one dead, trapped in quick sand). In the middle of the Dry Riverbed you can see some dinosaur tracks that are from a hatchling Diplodocus and an Allosaurus; when you arrive at the end of the riverbed you'll find the Allosaurus (female) eating the Diplodocus, apparently she killed him. In the Forest are mainly redwood trees and tree ferns, at first you won't find animals but an Allosaurus nest that is later plundered by an Ornitholestes (not featured, only indicated in the news, however, itis sounds can be heard in the forest, easily identified as the noises of the ornitholestes in Walking with Dinosaurs.) and subsequently noted by an angry mother. The forest has a tunnel, where you can find stalactites, that connects with the 'Crater'. That zone consist mostly of a lake (which is really an underwater crater) surrounded by walls, where are many Bennettitales and like in the Mossy Plain, a sole dragonfly. When you discover all the species and location features, there will be news indicating that a pathway was opened in a Desert cliff. Then, you'll be able to go up, and wait that one of the pterosaurs come close to you for 'tagging him' and fly to a new secret area, the 'Salt Lake'. Another way to get to the Salt Lake is to tag onto the Diplodocus at the edge of the Desert at the farthest distance, untag when you reach the wall, then go along the wall, and you will reach the Salt Lake. This can be done without having found everything in the game.

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