Diocese of Dunblane

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Coordinates: 56°11′20″N 3°57′40″W / 56.189°N 3.961°W / 56.189; -3.961

Skene's map of Scottish bishoprics in the reign of David I (reigned 1124–1153).

The Diocese of Dunblane or Diocese of Strathearn was one of the thirteen historical dioceses of Scotland, before the abolition of episcopacy in the Scottish Church in 1689. Roughly, it embraced the territories covered by the old earldoms of Strathearn and Menteith. The diocese was founded by the year 1155, when the first known bishop, Bishop Laurence, appears on record. By the episcopate of Bishop Clement the cathedral was firmly located in Dunblane, Strathearn, Perth and Kinross.

The Diocese was led by the Bishop of Dunblane.

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