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The Diocese of the Highveld (formerly the Diocese of South Eastern Transvaal) is a diocese of the Anglican Church of Southern Africa covering the East Rand in Gauteng province and the southern part of Mpumalanga province in South Africa. The bishop's seat is at St Dunstan's Cathedral in Benoni.


The Diocese of the Highveld was formed through a multiplication of the original Anglican Diocese of Johannesburg, which, in geographical terms, embraced the whole of the former Southern Transvaal Province of South Africa. The new diocese extends from the eastern edge of the Metropolis of Johannesburg, Gauteng Province, South Africa, to the borders of the Kingdom of Swaziland. Apart from the urban and industrial areas, forming what is known as the East Rand, in which most of the parishes are situated, much of the Diocese is rural farming land, falling within the Province of Mpumalanga.

On the Feast of the Epiphany, 6 January 1990, the Diocese of South Eastern Transvaal, now Highveld, came into being. David Beetge was elected to lead the Diocese. The Bishop lead the Diocese into new and exciting phases of growth and development. He died on the 27 September 2008. On the 25 April 2009, David Bannerman was consecrated as Bishop.

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  • Desmond Tutu Rabble-Rouser for Peace, by John Allen


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