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Scientific classification
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Nematoda
Class: Secernentea
Subclass: Diplogasteria
Hodda, 2003
Order: Diplogasterida
Maggenti, 1982

Diplogasterida is an order of nematodes. It is sometimes placed in a monotypic subclass Diplogasteria, but as it seems it is better included in the Rhabditia. If the Tylenchida are included in the Rhabditia, the Diplogasterida certainly would have to be merged there too[1]


Suborder Chambersiellina Hodda 2007
Superfamily Chambersielloidea Thorne 1937
Family Chambersiellidae Thorne 1937 (Sanwal 1957)
Suborder Diplogasterina Paramonov 1952
Superfamily Cylindrocorporoidea T. Goodey 1939
Family Cylindrocorporidae T. Goodey 1939
Family Odontopharyngidae Micoletzky 1922
Superfamily Diplogasteroidea Micoletzky 1922
Family Cephalobiidae Travassos & Kloss 1960a
Family Diplogasteridae Micoletzky 1922
Family Diplogasteroididae Paramonov 1952
Family Neodiplogasteridae Paramonov 1952
Family Pseudodiplogasteroididae De Ley & Blaxter 2002
Family Tylopharyngidae Filipjev 1918
Suborder Myolaimina Inglis 1983
Superfamily Carabonematoidea Stammer & Wachek 1952
Family Carabonematidae Stammer & Wachek 1952
Superfamily Myolaimoidea Goodey 1963
Family Myolaimidae Goodey 1963


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