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A Diploma in Nursing or Nursing Diploma is an entry-level tertiary education nursing credential.

In the United States, this diploma is usually awarded by hospital-based nursing schools. Students awarded a Diploma in Nursing are qualified to sit for the NCLEX-RN and apply for licensure as a Registered Nurse.

At one time, all nurses in the United States were diploma-prepared. The Cherry Ames series of children's books was created to encourage girls to go into the nursing profession during World War II. She was a "hospital diploma" nurse.

Although the number of hospital-based nursing schools continues to decrease, many still exist. Some require that non-nursing prerequisite courses be completed at another school prior to admission or coordinate their program with classes at a nearby school, though many are still self-contained.

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Nursing students attending a diploma school will often stay in dorminatories that are within walking distance of an acute care hospital. Dorm life can provide a structured living environment with a 'house mother', curfews, learning centers, and conductive environment that allows one to focus on their studies. Many times students will be employed by the hospital while attending school thus allowing the student to gain valuable experience.

Nursing in the UK have diplomas which many qualified nurses have.