List of diplomatic missions of Italy

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Diplomatic missions of Italy

This is a list of diplomatic missions of Italy, excluding honorary consulates. Italy has a large global network of diplomatic missions. It is the only country in the world to have an embassy on its own territory—the Italian embassy to the Holy See is in Rome.


Consulate-General in Alexandria
Consulate-General in Benghazi
Consulate-General in Tripoli


Embassy in Washington, D.C.
Consulate-General in New York City
Consulate-General in Toronto
Consulate-General in São Paulo


Consulate-General in Istanbul
Ambassador's residence in Tokyo


Embassy in Athens
Embassy in Berlin
Embassy in Budapest
Consulate-General in Geneva
Embassy in Helsinki
Embassy in Kiev
Embassy in Lisbon
Embassy in London
Embassy in Madrid
Embassy in Moscow
Consulate in Rhodes
Embassy in Riga
Consulate-General in Saint Petersburg
Embassy in San Marino
Embassy in Stockholm
Embassy in Sofia
Embassy in Vienna
Embassy in Warsaw


Embassy in Canberra

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  1. ^ The Italian embassy to the Holy See is located outside Vatican territory in Rome.