Direction Centrale de la Police Judiciaire

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The Direction centrale de la police judiciaire (DCPJ) is the French national judicial police responsible for investigating and fighting serious crime. It is part of the National Police service of France.

Mission and responsibilities[edit]

The DCPJ is responsible for fighting serious crime nationwide except Paris and its suburbs which are under the responsibility of the Prefecture of Police of Paris. Since 2009 its responsibilities cover:

  • Crimes against persons and properties
  • Missing persons
  • Arms trafficking
  • Fugitives
  • International fraud
  • Prostitution
  • Art trafficking
  • Stolen vehicles and documents
  • Terrorism
  • Drug trafficking
  • Money laundering
  • White collar crime
  • Counterfeiting
  • Cybercrime


The DCPJ is divided into 4 sub-directorates:

  • The sous-direction de la lutte contre la criminalité organisée et la délinquance financière (SDLCODF) - Organised and financial crime directorate.
  • The sous-direction Anti-terroriste (SDAT) - Anti-terrorist directorate.
  • The sous-direction de la police technique et scientifique (SDPTS) - Forensics directorate,
  • The sous-direction des ressources, de l'évaluation et de la stratégie (SDRES) - Resources, evaluationa nd strategy directorate.

It has a strength of 5,200 employees.

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