Directorate-General of Personnel Administration

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Directorate-General of Personnel Administration

Rénshì Xíngzhèng Zǒngchù
Central Personnel Administration logo.png
Logo of the DGPA
Agency overview
Formed 16 September 1967
Jurisdiction  Republic of China
Headquarters Taipei City
Ministers responsible Huang Fu-yuan, Minister
Yen Chiu-lai, Deputy Minister
Chang Nien-chung, Deputy Minister
Parent agency Executive Yuan

The Directorate-General of Personnel Administration of the Executive Yuan (DGPA; Chinese: 行政院人事行政總處; pinyin: Xíngzhèngyuàn Rénshì Xíngzhèng Zǒngchù) of the Republic of China is a government body responsible for the overall personnel administration of all ministries and agencies under the Executive Yuan.[1]

Directorate-General of Personnel Administration


  • Administers the overall planning and implementation of personnel administrative system
  • Administers the management of personnel agencies and personnel staff
  • Administers the compensation and welfare, training and appraisal of civil servants




The building is accessible within walking distance South West from Shandao Temple Station of the Taipei Metro.

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